What is Level UP Cafe?

We are health nuts that are here to bring “flavorful, tasty, delicious” back to nutrition.

We bring savory protein shakes, flavorful refreshing teas, delicious protein coffee and a variety of healthy treats to your door step.

Shakes are a specialty.

We love making shakes. In our kitchen we blend tasty flavors like : Pumpkin Spice, Dutch chocolate, Dulce de leche, French vanilla and Wild berry and top then with a thick cloud of sweet whip cream.


Whether hot or cold, our teas are satisfying on the tongue. Enjoy refreshing flavor combinations like tropical fruit, mango and peach or cherry and lemon lime. They refresh and boost energy every time!


We currently offer protein: donuts and waffles

More information:

A shake purchased from Baskin Robins, McDonalds, Sonic or any major food chain facility can cost us 400- over 1000 calories. Our shakes range are 300 calories or less and can help with weight loss, muscles gain, help with blood sugar reduction and more. Safe for customers who have diabetes and a favorite for all children. Gluten free, contain whey and are made with water or alternative milk.

The Deets —

We offer curbisde pickup!

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Our Top Selling Shakes & Teas

Top recommendations for our followers

Recommendation #1: Cookies and Cream

Recommendation #2: Strawberry Cheezecake

Recommendation #3: Reese’s

Recommendation # 4: Tropical Fusion Tea

Founders of The Level Up Spot —

Because we know that health is the best form of wealth

We are a two person team that consist of Erika and Ashlee. We are life partners that share the same vision in leading a world where we  help people take care of their health. All it takes is one healthy shake, one healthy tea, one healthy meal, one healthy decision at a time.

More about Erika:

Erika has a background in IT for the past 15 years. Leading in customer service and satisfaction throughout her job experience. She was overweight for a very long portion of her life and  constantly struggled with any attempt to lose weight. In 2019 she made a decision and never looked back.  In less than a year she lost over 70 pounds. Using the same shakes that she is selling from her home cafe today. She is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. Erika has coordinated and facilitated weekly zoom group workouts since March 2020. Her dream is to open the café and fitness center by the year of 2021. She loves to see people grow and flourish and support them in their health journeys.

More about Ashlee:

Ashlee has over 13 years of experience in the health care industry as a lead medical assistant. Known for loyal and loving personality by all of her patients and colleagues. She is a very serious video gamer and it is not to be taken lightly. You have been warned. However, unlike the video gamer cliche, she prioritizes eating healthy and working out as a part of her healthy lifestyle. Previously she lost 103 pounds but unfortunately gained the weight back due to unfortunate circumstances in her life. Ashlee is now on her second weight loss journey, has lost 20 lbs and is determined to achieve her results. She is the chef of the The Level Up Spot kitchen and loves create new tasty treats as a pastime.