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Light and Love all ways, always

I tell stories about dreams, connection, and manifesting, and support these creative efforts with my love for hair.

I began journaling when I was a teenager, however it was not until my mid to late twenties that I recognized that I was responsible for my life and how I wanted to live it, and how I wanted to be remembered.

By my mid 30’s, I had a small collection of journals and a clear look at the story I was telling to myself and the world...they did not match. I needed them too.

I began reading and studying and became very intentional about the life I wanted to create. This website connects you to the platforms that are dedicated to the people, places, experiences, and intentions that keep my light shining and give me good reason to feel and share the love.

It also connects you to the services that allow me to keep my dreams alive and help you do the same! ;)

Light and Love all ways, always.

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