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π”‰π”žπ” π”¦π”žπ”©β€™π”°
β„‘π”«π”‘π”¦π”žπ”« π”₯π”’π”žπ”‘ π”ͺπ”žπ”°π”°π”žπ”€π”’
π”π”žπ”«π”¦π” π”²π”―π”’ & 𝔓𝔒𝔑𝔦𝔠𝔲𝔯𝔒
π”π”žπ”¨π”’ π”˜π”­
β„Œπ”¬π”­π”¦ π”’π”žπ”― π” π”žπ”«π”‘π”©π”’π”°

𝔒𝔲𝔯 𝔭𝔯𝔬𝔑𝔲𝔠𝔱𝔰

A lot of the products we use in our treatments are natural! Including Herbs & Flowers. Try our Herb or Floral facial & see their relaxing & healing benefits!
We also add Herbs & Flowers to some of our massages, manicures and pedicures too!

π”‰π”žπ” π”¦π”žπ”©β€™π”°

We offer a range of facials, from our Mini facials to our Luxury 24K Gold facial, for all skin types and conditions. When visiting us, a professional beauty therapist will analyse your skin condition and advise on which facial treatment is best for your individual needs.

You will also receive a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage with every Luxury Facial Treatment .

Here are some of our Facials to choose from:
Mini Facial, Luxury Facial, Herbal Facial, Floral Facial, Crystal Facial, Chocolate Facial, Anti-Ageing Facial & our 24KG Facial.


We offer Eyebrow waxing, Eyebrow shape & brow tinting.


We offer LVL, lash tinting, semi-permanent cluster lashes, strip lash application & also individual lashes.

β„Œπ”¬π”­π”¦ π”’π”žπ”― π” π”žπ”«π”‘π”©π”’π”°

Also known as an ear cone, an ear candle is a thin, hollow tube of linen or muslin cloth, soaked in paraffin or beeswax and tapered at one end. Some are scented with herbs, honey, or aromatherapy oils. The heat from the flame melts and loosens the ear wax and creates negative pressure that 'sucks' the wax into the candle. This is referred to as the 'chimney effect'.


A full body scrub- Lasting from between 30 minutes to an hour depending on your preferences, your therapist will start by applying the deeply exfoliating scrub onto your skin in circular motions, clearing clogged pores and removing those pesky dead skin cells that can leave your skin looking dull.


Our waxing services include: Eyebrows, lip & chin, underarms, bikini, full leg, half leg.

β„‘π”«π”‘π”¦π”žπ”« π”₯π”’π”žπ”‘ π”ͺπ”žπ”°π”°π”žπ”€π”’

Indian head massage is a relaxing holistic treatment that uses acupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to rebalance your body's energies.
We use blended essential oils to suit your needs.


We offer Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage & Hot stone massage.
There are lots of different kinds of massage, each with broadly different origins and aims - some focus on soothing muscle pain; others on increasing energy levels; some aim to improve a specific physical condition; others simply to help you relax.
Massage makes you feel good in lots of ways, and can have a positive effect on your whole body - your bones, your muscles, your heart, your skin, your breathing, digestion, and your mental health. In our Aromatherapy massage, we use bespoke blended essential oils to cater to our clients individual needs.


In this Holistic treatment we use natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Using bespoke aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.

π”π”žπ”«π”¦π” π”²π”―π”’ & 𝔓𝔒𝔑𝔦𝔠𝔲𝔯𝔒

We offer a variety of different manicures & pedicures that will leave your hands and feet feeling fresh and fabulous! We offer Mini Manicure & Pedicure treatments & Luxury Manicures & Pedicures, With a choice of warm oils, heated mittens & booties, masks & paraffin wax.


We offer different nail treatments, including nail polish, gel polish, builder gel, nail extensions & nail art. Weather you would like a natural subtle look, or something more fancy & unique, we are here to help.

π”π”žπ”¨π”’ π”˜π”­

We offer different makeup looks, including daytime, evening, special occasion, bridal, photographic & special FX.

π•»π–—π–Žπ–ˆπ–Š π–‘π–Žπ–˜π–™

π•°π–žπ–Š π–™π–—π–Šπ–†π–™π–’π–Šπ–“π–™π–˜

Eyebrow Tidy Β£10
Eyebrow Tint Β£10
Eyelash Tint Β£10
LVL Β£40
Semi-permanent cluster lashes Β£10
Strip lash application Β£7
Individual lashes Β£25

π•Έπ–†π–“π–Žπ–ˆπ–šπ–—π–Š & π•»π–Šπ–‰π–Žπ–ˆπ–šπ–—π–Š

File & Polish Β£10
Cut, File & Polish Β£12
Mini Manicure/ Pedicure Β£15
Luxury Manicure/Pedicure Β£30
Anti-Ageing Manicure Β£15


Nail Polish Finish Β£3
French Polish finish Β£5

π•²π–Šπ–‘ π•Ήπ–†π–Žπ–‘π–˜

BIAB with Gel polish Β£25
Gel polish Β£20
Nail extensions Β£30
Removal/ Soak off Β£10

π•Έπ–†π–π–Š π–šπ–•

Daytime Make up Β£20
Special Occassion Β£25
Wedding Make up Trial Β£35
Wedding Day Make up Β£30
Photographic Β£35
Special FX Β£35
Make up Lesson Β£35


Eyebrow wax & shape Β£10
Upper Lip Β£6
Chin Β£6
Upper Lip & Chin Β£10
Underarm Β£10
Full arm Β£15
Half arm Β£10
Bikini Β£10
Full Leg Β£20
1/2 Leg Β£15
3/4 Leg Β£18
Back Β£20
Chest Β£20
Back & Chest Β£35

π•³π–”π–‘π–Žπ–˜π–™π–Žπ–ˆ π–™π–—π–Šπ–†π–™π–’π–Šπ–“π–™π–˜

Aromatherapy Body Massage Β£40
Aromatherapy Back Massage Β£30
Swedish Full Body Massage Β£35
Swedish Back Massage Β£25
Indian Head Massage Β£20
Holistic Facial Β£30
Hot Stone Body Massage Β£40
Hot Stone Back Massage Β£30
Full body scrub/Exfoliation Β£30
Hopi Ear Candles Β£25


Mini facial Β£25
Luxury facial Β£30
24K facial Β£35
Floral facial Β£35
Herbal facial Β£35
Chocolate facial Β£35
Crystal facial Β£40
Anti-Ageing facial Β£35
Milk & Honey facial Β£35


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