Behind The Little Magnolia Co.

There's No Business Like Bow Business. -Minnie Mouse

Hi friends, and welcome to my little shop! My name is Amaris and we’re a family owned shop based out of sunny Southern California, home of the Happiest Place on Earth and the Boys in Blue (Lets Go Dodgers!).
The Little Magnolia Co is a collection of handmade children’s accessories made with the finest materials to assure that my accessories are gentle and soft against delicate skin. I promise you I will never design or create something I wouldn’t put on my own children.
My 4 beautiful daughters are truly my inspiration for all of my designs. Their unique and silly personalities can brighten any ones day. Although I am the owner of “The Little Magnolia Co”, I wouldn’t be able to design and run my shop without the help of my family. My girls are awesome helpers when it comes to being my little models, very honest critics, and L.E.A’s (Little Executive Assistants lol). My husband is our Handy Dad…Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, IT Help Desk, Photographer, Sports Expert, Bartender (Apple juice on the rocks for the kids :-P ), Designated Diaper Changer, Professional Napper and anything else we can throw his way. Haha! I am truly grateful for my Family.
I take pride in my creations and put a little love in to each and every one of my handmade accessories so don’t hesitate in reaching out if there is a problem with your purchase. Thank you for stopping by my shop. I hope you love and enjoy accessorizing the adorable little people in your life!