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“Everything you do now is for your future”

Growing up in a single-parent household where money wasn’t regarded with positivity, I subconsciously inherited an unhealthy relationship with money.

As a young adult, I was very financially clumsy and made a series of damaging money decisions. I never knew the right things to do in order to fix my money problems. I constantly felt ashamed but continued to put off changing those behaviors. It was easier to ignore the issues than to take action to shift them.

As my husband and I decided for me to transition to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom we were very overwhelmed at the $91,000 in debt we had with no clear path on how to get out of it.

We knew that for us to live a financially stable life for ourselves and our children we’d have to make some drastic changes internally and externally.

With a lot of intentionality, determination and focus we were able to eliminate that debt, save for a down payment for our forever home, have 6 months of emergency savings, savings for our children, and fully invest in our retirement accounts as well as our children’s college funds.

Now I am on a mission to help women, who are struggling with where to start, customize and implement a plan that works for them. We focus on the mindset shift necessary to put in the work, while gaining the confidence and knowledge needed to nurture and provide for themselves and their families so they too can Blossom Financially.

The Lotus Legacy  —

The home of your financial rebirth

Lotus flowers grow in murky, muddy water, opening themselves completely clean each day, despite their conditions? They are commonly used as a symbol of rebirth or self-regulation.

The Lotus Legacy is a financial coaching service to assist you with financial rebirth.

We have been reminded that there are so many things out of our control, and more apparent than ever is that we MUST control the things we can. Personal financial education and money management are a couple of important aspects of life that are controllable.

The Lotus Legacy is on a mission to help people win with money! Whether you make $10 an hour or $100,000+ a year knowing how to EFFECTIVELY manage wealth-building tools, such as your income, will give you the ability to achieve your financial goals.

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