about me.

Ciao! I’m Sarah, creator and principal at The Lovely Locale. I design spaces that are aligned specifically to you and your lifestyle, that help you live your best life.

I believe that our homes are our sanctuaries and have the potential to heal. Now, more than ever, our connection with them is invaluable.

Moon phases, mystical, holistic, etc.

design services

working together

Full Service Interior Design

This is the most collaborative of the services and is an end to end experience where we work closely to align your home and your lifestyle to create a unique space tailored just to you. Listing the process below :

1. Programming
2. Schematic Design
3. Design Development
4. Purchasing & Installation

DIY? Design (can be local or virtual)

This service works off of a flat fee and provides you with a concise set of deliverables to execute at your own pace.

Includes :

Floor plans / layouts
Mood boards
Design boards
Shopping List

Energetic Home Heal / Energy Shift

Does the energy in your home ever just feel... stuck? Even if you can’t sense the energy directly, you sense something is off, or maybe stale? Energy clearing, crystals, sound bowls, pull a card, recommend non-toxic products, plants and crystals, moving things around, basic Feng Shui practices of balance and incorporating things you love.

Design Consultation (in person or virtual)

Consultations are a perfect way to “get your feet wet” so to speak, in the design process. In this 1 hour meeting, we can discuss layouts, paint and / or overall color palette, vendor recommendations, lighting, artwork, and overall improvements or finishing touch recommendations. Our meeting whether virtual or in person, will be followed up with a recap, and tangible steps for you to take forward.