The big sister bible for entrepreneurial minded millennials

Let’s starts with the L word check list -
If you’re ready to conquer your 20s and bring out the entrepreneur in you lets go through these key factors that will forever be your best traits:

- motivation
- determination
- knowing your worth
- creativity
- positivity
- having the ideal audience in mind
- prefer the grind over the wine
- trust in the process
- not a Q word >>(quitter)
If you even have a couple of those traits your in the right place girlie!

So huge welcome to the big sister bible for entrepreneurial minded girls like yourself.
If I’d have known or come across the L word when I entered my 20s I feel like I may have been a little less emotional throughout the last 8 and a half years! Procrastinated a little less and loved life a little more...oh and started a lot bloody sooner but this is my journey, the process of how I created a little home business using nothing but ideas and visions and blew it out of the waters!

I’m writing the L word to all the future entrepreneur millenials, whether you’re a teen mum (like i was), a free spirit, a uni grad, a fashion intern, a waitress, whatever it is if you have an entrepreneurial mind EVEN if you’re currently working for another company i am here to share my best advice from REAL, PERSONAL, experiences of starting your business with nothing more than WHAT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE!
It doesn’t mean you have to know what it is you want to do, it’s taken me a very very long time! But I am here to guide you and hopefully get you to realise that with time, you will find your thing! You will discover a whole new you, a deep adoration for what you do, and the ideas and plans will then snowball, it will be one thing after another and your empire will begin!
Don’t get me wrong you may try numerous things, I have! But when you find what it is that you have been searching for no matter how long just know that YOU will KNOW and how exciting is that!

I’ll be sharing all my do’s and dont’s using my own personal experiences of this process since dropping out of my A-levels, having zero qualifications, being told that my grades weren’t wanted on the ‘boards’, moving abroad at 17 to find the island life, becoming a teen mum (FYI teen mamas your little ones friends are going to think your the coolest most hip K- ween on this planet in 10 years TRUST me), you could be about to embark on the biggest moments of your life, you may lose friends, get unwanted opinions you know from the ones that just think your head is in the clouds and you’re nothing but a dreamer, well that’s fine sis! I believe in you and for god sake use that as your motivation and not demotivation! I want you to know that if you believe, you can absolutely achieve whatever your creative mind thinks and that is why I have created the L word, with the aim to inspire and guide you over every bump on this crazy road.

Stay tuned for Part 2, more about ‘the L word’ and what it was that fuelled me to realise I CAN and I WILL!

Lots of love,
Liv xoxo

Finding your fire

‘Shine amongst those who never believed you could’

Firstly if you’re here for part two of The L word - THANK YOU! I had such an amazing response from the launch I can’t wait for what’s to come and to share with you what i have learnt and discovered over the years of being an entrepreneurial minded 20 something year old.

Right now I want to talk to you about two things; finding your fire and understanding your ‘why.’
Your why is something that will find you your fire! The two go hand in hand and without understanding your why you won’t get to where you want to be because you HAVE to have them BOTH and believe me when I say when you know it, it will hit a nerve, a knot in your belly, it will give you that emotional feeling in the pit of your stomach and back of your throat, it will be such a strong emotion to you that this will fuel you and provide the fire - ‘when you know your why you can endure any HOW’.
This is not a case of just asking you ‘why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why do you want to be your own boss? Why do you want to do whatever it is?’ Why? Because you want the freedom... why? Because you want out of that 9-5... why? Because you want to travel more? No! Sis this is deeper keep going! I was once told if you’re why doesn’t make you cry it’s simply not strong enough and it’s SO true! Get specific and keep asking why. Why, why...why! Just keep going, and when you find it you will know you will get that feeling I just wrote about and this girly is now what’s going to carry you
through all of the how’s, all of the bad days, all of the days you can’t keep up the juggle.

I was absolute hell as a teenager, i got asked to leave boarding school during my GCSEs, the head master was a vile man, i was never academically gifted, i was only interested in the art department but something I think about everyday is that he told my parents that he didn’t want my grades on his exam boards which as a mum now just shocks me so much! I just hope and pray that he’s still around so I can post a letter and my success pics to him one day!
Once I was out of there I barely attended my new day school because I was too busy chasing dead romance every week in London, getting piercings all over and having men in alleyway shops drawing horrific tattoos on me. I mean I’d get dropped off at the train station every morning to go to school, but on Mondays I’d say I had hockey practice until 10pm and I’d be marching around south london thinking I was a bloody St. Trinian (maybe we can laugh about this now mum?) I tried everything and anything, and then at the age of 17 a few weeks into my second year of A-levels I decided I would follow the dead romance mentioned above and move to Northern Cyprus with a whopping £400 in the bank, il talk about my experience moving abroad and living on an island that is none extradite in more detail another time but honestly this was something that has been a huge part in the making of the girl I am today but also something that really broke my mums heart and touches on my own why.

I always knew I’d make it one day and I’m sure you do too it’s an entrepreneurial thing, I’ve always said I’m unemployable too because I am - no dream job is out there unless it has my name written in the CEO section BUT I DO work bloody hard in my day job right now because god forbid anyone thinks they can do a better job and that is what you have to do too. Until you are finally in the position that you can hand your notice in and call yourself self employed, get up, show up, work hard and never ever give up, your time is coming girl and when you leave that job to be your own boss it will be a loss to them to lose YOU not a loss to you to lose them! Act like a lady think like a boss and just remember you may need to hire someone one day sis.

Now before I end this I have a little task - I want you to think of all of those that have ever not believed in you, that have ever laughed when you told them your plans, your dreams your visions, babe SHINE amongst those who never believed in you.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Let’s talk about this, grab a pen and notebook and write down the 5 people you spend the most time with. Who are they? What do they do? Do they impact your life in a positive way? Do they inspire you? Do they set goals with you? Do they CLAP when you win? If not then really think about this, it took me a while to realise this but I honestly closed connections with everything and everyone that didn’t impact my life in a positive way. Twitter was one for me, all day everyday it was a boring scroll through indirect tweets and negative people complaining about ... E V E R Y T H I N G. I never gained any form of positivity or inspiration from it.
Friends. I have a very small circle of friends and I mean VERY small and I LOVE it this way, I’ve finally found the ones that impact my life positively, that are interested in what I’m doing, that clap when I win the type of friend that will tell me I have loo roll attached to my Jimmy Choo BEFORE leaving the ladies toilet.
Having a small circle of women who inspire you, hold you accountable and support you like a sister will help you become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

I forever stand by the quote ‘if your friend is nice to you but not nice to the waiter then they’re not a nice person’ I don’t believe there are truer words, I experienced it first hand and again re thought who it was that i was allowing myself to be around and that was absolutely not going to be one of them. Whilst finding yourself in this crazy world never ever forget your most important role in life of just being a GOOD human.

That’s all for part 2 I hope it’s got you thinking, made you laugh and made you realise that your why is down to more than just material things.
Part 3 will be here Sunday 6th September at 8pm and I’m going to be talking about the power of manifestation and visualising. It’s going to be amazing - it’s hands down my favourite thing to talk about.

Lots of love
Liv xoxo

Visualising & Manifesting

Girl TELL the world what you’re made of


Manifesting and visualisation - two words that hold so much power and maybe like me you had absolutely no clue just how much power they had together.

When I started my journey in self development I was bombarded with books, podcasts, YouTube videos, ways to meditate, the lot it was quite overwhelming and it then took me a while to fully understand everything I was hearing. So I’m going to start with a few simple things that I swear by which helped me understand manifestation and visualisation.

MUSIC. Crank up your fave songs and add them into a playlist. I am music obsessed I’ve got music playing right now, when I’m illustrating I have music on, when I’m cleaning I have music on, when I’m in the car I have music on, when I’m in the shower I have music on, when Im getting ready... you can be sure I have my music on. Destiny’s child, little mix, Beyoncé, Khalid, anything that will be get me singing and feeling
good, I am NOT saying blast out Adele the absolute babe but honestly music, singing and dancing is a happy vibe right? It gives you positive energy. It raises your vibration.
So TIP NUMBER ONE - create a feel good playlist!

Get creative.
If you’re sitting wondering and procrastinating at what you want your business to bring you GET CREATIVE and GET SPECIFIC.
VISUALISE your ideal client/ customer, what is she wearing? How old is she? What’s her hair like? What does she do on the weekend? Why is she your ideal client? Write her down, create her in anyway you can and add in every last detail.
In August I was asked to describe my ideal client and everything I wanted Mason Rayn to represent, I wrote down an essay explaining who your client are.
(Here is a few snippets)

‘Females aged from 18-40
That are building their own empires that have aesthetically pleasing taste, they empower other girls and believe nothing is out of reach they are kind, humble with a cool but boujee taste.’

‘ she is 22 working full time in an office job that she hates, she spends her free time drafting out business ideas and ways to be able to work for herself. She lives in a yellow brick cottage inside is clean, spacious and filled with rattan, pampas grass and white interior. Everything has its own place’

Her clothing description -
‘ She’s dressed in lounge wear, drawstring shorts a cropped vest and an oversized zip hoodie, she’s wearing Balenciaga trainers and her hair is tied up in a scrunchie.’

Now what’s funny is I then recreated her exactly how I had visioned (illustration at the top of this page) with no intention three months later.
I’ve spent the last 5 months with no illustration of myself no clear image for my brand that represents a young entrepreneurial minded 20 something year old.
I believe I was being lead to this point where I not only have a brand to create but a blog post on visualising to create so just at that perfect moment I found myself in the exact outfit I had visualised months ago with my hair just as I had described, creating the perfect chance to illustrate myself to not only brand my business but to create Part 3 of The L word. Because what more could tie in a visualising chapter than myself exactly as I’d visualised an entrepreneurial 20 something to look like?
5 months (from starting my business) I waited for that moment of Alignment, and how it all slotted together through a visualisation. Which is why I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy yourself a pin board as big as you like (mine is absolutely huge), turn on your play list and attach everything you want in life, using print outs, magazines, newspapers...anything and visualise your dream home, interior, cars, holidays, wedding, holiday homes, office, bank balance, business, and whatever else your heart desires. Then place the board somewhere you will see it everyday, you’re bedroom being the perfect place as it’s the first thing you will see when you wake up and it will automatically make you happy. You will see these things right in front of you enabling you to visualise and send out that message to the universe of exactly what it is you want.
TIP NUMBER TWO - create a vision board and go beyond your imagination. Let them dreams be seen.

Another must that ties in with vision boarding is to believe you already have this stuff, you know that car you have, its spent more time in the repairs garage and the tyres look like they’re about to roll off... when you get in that car, don’t think for one second ... eugh. Picture yourself getting in your dream car, get yourself a test drive of you’re dream car and then when you get to test drive it BOTTLE UP that feeling. Remember the smell, remember how it felt remember every detail of that dream car. When you’re driving home in your tractor sounding box on wheels just turn that playlist up and just remember the feeling of your dream car and keep hold of it girl, the car will be yours you’re working on it and it’s on its way. It’s ALL on its way!
TIP NUMBER THREE-try it, feel it, need it, got it!

Take a moment just 5 minutes either first thing in the morning or last thing at night and write down 10 things you are grateful for. Stay accountable, have a gratitude buddy. This is all part and parcel of maintaining a positive mindset. Even on days where things may have gone wrong you will always find 10 things to be grateful for, write them down.
‘Today I am grateful for -
Mine and my family’s health
My husband for cooking dinner
My job and my clients
The roof over my head
The clothes I have to wear
The warm water I have to take a bath
The equipment I have to create this blog post
My ability to draw and work from anywhere
My friends and family for the continued support
The car on my drive that no longer sounds like a tractor - that also has new tyres!

Easy! And so important!
TIP NUMBER FOUR - gratitude.

Dress to impress... YOURSELF.
You are beautiful. You are smart. You are perfect, as you are you girl are EVERYTHING!
Don’t dress to impress anyone but yourself sis.
But let’s be honest, if you get up in the morning stay in your PJS and binge watch Netflix, you’re not getting much done, if you get up get dressed put on some lippy or your ‘go to’ all before 9am I can guarantee you will have a much more productive day. Don’t forget to look yourself in the mirror and shoutout those positive affirmations.
TIP NUMBER FIVE - love yourself!

The secret’. If you haven’t read this, download it or order online - it is an absolute must read, something that totally changed my whole mindset-changed the ‘ A ‘ game for me and something I now apply everyday without fail. To understand the law of attraction will honestly change your life. I PROMISE!
Understand that like attracts like and what energy you give out you will receive back, for example if you wake up, drop an egg, smash a glass, and burn your toast and then say today’s going to be rubbish, YOU have decided your day is going to be rubbish, YOU! If you change your thoughts and say well this mornings not gone to plan but I’m going to have a great rest of the day , put some feel good music on, be productive, create a list of things you want to do that day and then I can assure you by the end on the day wether it’s home or business related- you will feel good
TIP NUMBER SIX - read the secret cover to cover!

So now I’ve shared my top tips just think about your day - everything comes from a thought .....E V EVR Y T H I N G. So level up your thoughts and change them into things babe!

Lots of love