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The Macmillan encourages students at the University of Edinburgh and beyond, who are intellectually curious and want to know more about a given field, whether it be science, foreign affairs, politics, and economics, to engage in robust conversations.

Macmillan Talks Podcast

“Macmillan Talks” allows speakers from all backgrounds and professions to join us weekly to engage in our themes of the week / month.


In Conversation with Racism Unmasked

This week, we speak to Kanto from Racism Unmasked, an organization created at the end of last year to combat racism in Edinburgh. With the rise of anti-Asian racism post COVID-19, we delve into the recent attacks on Asian people, microaggressions and what Racism Unmasked has been up to thus far.

TW: discussions of race, racial abuse, trauma and aggressions.


Shining a Light on Eating Disorders

This week we are joined by two guests to shed a light on eating disorders. We discuss ED development, recovery as well as the effect of lockdown on those who suffer from an ED.

Bettina hosts a podcast which breaks the stigma around eating disorders and mental health. Eleanor volunteers at BEAT, the UK's leading charity, supporting those
affected by eating disorders and
campaigning on their behalf.

TW: discussion of eating disorders, body hatred/dysmorphia, fatphobia


Fake News; in Conversation with Polis Analysis

On this episode of Macmillan Talks we discuss fake news with Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski who is Assistant Head of Research at Polis Analysis. We discuss how the idea of fake news entered the mainstream, as well as the potential threat it posed to democracy.

Geremia focuses on technology, fake news, and US politics in his work as researcher at Polis Analysis. He is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA and currently resides in Seattle, WA where he works as a contractor at Microsoft. In his free time he enjoys reading, running and cross country road tripping. Geremia has road tripped across the US five times during the pandemic.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Is it for me?

In this episode we discuss Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment with our guests Max and Hector. Join us as we talk about what Bitcoin is and related topcs such as how to invest safely as students, and the rising popularity now and in the future of Bitcoin.

Max (@wholegraincryptomax) is a Bitcoin user who has generated wealth through bitcoin investment. 👨‍💻

Hector (@cryptocomix1) is a Tiktok content creator teaching about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 👨‍💻

We hope you guys enjoy this podcast! 📱

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This forum aims to faciliate discussion with participants from all degree disciplines and backgrounds with the aim of fostering open and respectful discourse. Open discourse is especially critical in light of the hyperpartisan political climate we live in, encouraging the dissemination of fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles, enabling demagogues to weaponize extreme political polarization and populism.