Get to know me

•My name is Holly Horvat and I am a Registered Nurse. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2015. I worked in the ER for a few years before finding my way to Vancouver with my husband

•I am a new mom! My sons name is Gunnar and he was born June 28th, 2020 - loving every minute being a mom and learning so much

•My husbands name is Bo, we have been married just over a year now! We have been together for over 9 years and he has supported me through everything. I am so excited to have his help as I begin this exciting career!

•I own 4 horses and have competed nationally and provincially in curling

•I am thrilled for the opportunity to help new mamas and families. I am here for support and feel privileged to work with women on a daily basis.



Newborn Support

Newborn Support
Do you have a gassy or fussy newborn? Struggling to figure out feeding challenges or how to help your newborn with laying a healthy sleep foundation? Or maybe you just have questions about care for your little one. This is the package for you. I will help guide you through your journey. This package includes an Initial feeding and sleep assessment (virtually or In-Home), my guide on how to help lay a healthy sleep foundation but most importantly a MONTH of email support with an RN!

Perfect for babies 0 - 10 weeks

$500 investment

Baby Sleep Consult

I know that sleep is important to the health and well being of the entire family. Whether you are struggling with frequent night wakings, short naps, early mornings or you are just interested in laying a healthy sleep pattern for your baby, I can help. This support Includes an initial 2hour consult (virtual due to Covid), customized and comprehensive sleep plan + two weeks of coaching/support. I can help get things on track and empower you with the education around sleep to navigate any future challenges.

Perfect for babies 3-18 months.

$500 Investment

Child Sleep Consult

The Toddler and Preschool years can come with there own challenges when it comes to sleep and behaviour. Maybe things when sideways when you moved to a toddler bed or perhaps we have always struggled with sleep and you are looking for a fresh start! Lets find the solution together! This support Includes an initial 2hour consult (virtual due to Covid), customized and comprehensive sleep plan + two weeks of coaching/support.

Perfect for babes aged 18 Months - 4 Years.

$500 Investment

Prenatal Classes

Looking for a unique and individualized Prenatal Class? This class is written by a Registered Nurse and and it's a ton of fun! I will walk you through all you need to feel confident about labour, delivery, the postpartum and newborn period as well as breast and bottle feeding. Can be done in person or virtually. This is a one day class and includes unlimited email support until your baby arrives!

$150 - Group
$300 - Private

Total Mama Support Package

This package includes a private prenatal class, tailored specifically to you and your partner. Once your baby arrives, we will schedule two visits 5 weeks apart (in-person or virtual) where I will help you with breastfeeding, sleep and newborn care. I will continue to provide support over the next eight weeks via emails and phone calls. You will feel completely supported and prepared to care for your newborn and help you achieve your feeding goals. Most importantly I want you to enjoy your new baby and gain confidence in your new role as parents!

$999 investment

Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding can be stressful! As a Lactation Consultant, I am here to help. This package includes a one-hour in-home visit to address nursing and feeding challenges as well as seven days of email support following our visit. Also includes a comprehensive feeding eBook. Whatever your feeding goals are for your baby, I want to help!


Virtual Lactation Consultation

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could virtually meet up with a Mama Coach and have all your feeding concerns addressed? Guess what - you can! As a nurse and lactation consultation, I can help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to get you on the right track. This includes an initial video consultation and a week of email support.