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Baby Zion’s Fundraising Drive

Eddie and Joyce Okila were expecting a baby boy due first week of October 2021.

Very unexpectedly, on 27th June 2021, at 9:00 pm, Joyce's water broke. Upon realizing what had just happened, she was rushed to Nakasero Hospital located in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. In just a matter of 40 minutes she had lost 90% of her amniotic fluid—this is very dangerous for both baby and mom. Different tests, scans and interventions were done all night to try and contain the leak and replace the lost fluids, but by 4:00 am the same night, she started bleeding profusely and was immediately rushed to theatre for emergency surgery. With barely any amniotic fluid left, coupled with the complications from the bleeding, both mom and baby's lives were at great risk.

Weighing only 750g, baby Zion was born at 25 weeks and 5 days. He was immediately rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because he was not breathing..

3 hrs later, without much change to his condition, just when he was about to pronounced dead, he stretched his tiny leg and was presumed to still be alive. During the course of the night, his condition slowly stabilized.

Conversely, several hours later, Joyce came out of surgery after the battle of her life. She has lost so much blood but thankfully made it out of surgery alive, albeit still in a critical state.

After spending 41 days in the NICU, Zion starting absorbing breast milk, though still on oxygen, he’s stable and his vital organs are developing and functioning the way they should. As of 10th August 2021, he weighs 1,240g which is a such a huge milestone.

While Eddie and Joyce as well as all their relatives and friends are elated about this progress, the costs associated with having Baby Zion in NICU have had a significant toll on the Okila's savings and income. On average, they spend approximately $710 per day (Ugx 2,500,000/=), to keep Baby Zion alive.

As of 10th August 2021, the hospital bill stood at a whooping $8,500 (approx. Ugx 30,000,000/=), and this is after several payments by the parents on a weekly basis. It's estimated that they would need another 30 to 58 days at NICU.

For those in Uganda who would like to contribute any form of financial support towards the Nakasero bill for baby Zion, you can send your payment directly to Nakasero Hospital through:

- MTN MoMo Pay: Code - 140434

- Airtel Pay: Code - 1113516

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ATTA Breast Milk Community Fundraiser

ATTA is a network for milksharing encouraging the donation of safe human milk to infants who are unable to access optimal nutrition from their mothers.

In a country with no milk bank, ATTA seeks to raise money to set up a milk bank that actually stores milk and shares it equitably, free of charge to the babies who need it the most.

Right now they are fundraising to buy the Sterifeed pastueriser.

Donate via Mobile Money: +256782148257 or +256756148257

Momo Pay : 149047

(All registered under Tracy Ahumuza.)

Donate via Go Fund Me