About The Metaphor

This is a detailed info packet about myself.
I prefer if you call me Metaphor but you can also call me: Eralah (Era), History and/or Ancient. I go by many names. My pronouns are She/Her and They/Them, I don’t have a preference. Yes, I am a biological female but using they/them pronouns eases my species dysphoria, as Angels do not have a sex/gender. My vessel is 19 years old. I am American, and my vessel is of Mexican and German descent. I’m a college student studying Psychology and will be switching to Anthropology/Archaeology.


As mentioned before, I am a Abrahamic Angel. I am a Spiritual Otherkin, so that means, in my perspective, that I have been here since the beginning of time with God in Heaven and as the centuries gone by, I have grown to wanting my own children after watching humans have their children. God decided to put me on Earth and I believe that is one of my main purpose for being here besides still serving God and maintaining the Cosmos. I was a Dominion in the Angel choir, which is the highest of the second core. Dominions take illumination from the higher hierarchies and govern the Universe. They are also known for teaching the new Angels about important matters. Now, keep in mind, that not every Otherkin who is spiritual has this idea, we are all different.
This vessel that I have inhabited is not my own and I never felt human to begin with.

Sexuality/Romantic Orientation

I am Asexual, which means I don’t experience sexual attraction towards anyone. I am also Sex-Negative/Repulsed, which means I personally find sex as not a necessity and overall gross and revolting.
I am Aromantic (specifically Aroflux) which means that I don’t experience romantic attraction towards anyone, however I do specifically identify under that umbrella term as Aroflux, which means romantic orientation fluctuates but generally stays on the Aromantic spectrum. I am also Romantic-Neutral, but this can always change.
It’s a very complicated situation learning that in a sex positive world, if you mention you have no desire of sexual interaction, you are deemed as “late bloomer”, “prude” and that “you haven’t found the right person”. I have been in many relationships and never found that sex is needed and I prefer if it doesn’t occur. If I could live in a world where I would never have to have sex, I would, I’d be the happiest person ever.


I am a Protestant Christian, specifically Baptist. I am a veiled Christian, which just means I cover my hair and dress modestly. Being religious has been on and off for me since I was a teenager, resulting in becoming a Eclectic Wiccan Witch who practiced Witchcraft on the daily basis. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson and have to live with the consequences of my actions from my past. I started to get back into Christianity in September of 2020 due to me being curious and my friends being a semi influence on me. I plan on becoming baptized.

Mental Health

I have been professionally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Clinical Depression. I am currently in Therapy for unresolved issues and in progress of getting diagnosed of potentially Borderline Personality Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Complex-Post Traumatic Disorder, and Autism.

I mainly suffer from Depersonalization/Derealization, Splitting, Sensory Overload, Panic Attacks and Alice In Wonderland Syndrome.

Gender Identity

I identify as a non-binary woman, but as with a lot of things, there are micro labels. First off, Nonbinary is a term that refers to people whose gender is not completely and exclusively male or female. Under the umbrella term “Non-binary” are many gender identities, but I identify as Bigender, which means that I have two genders which are female and genderless (Agender). Now, from there, within the umbrella term of Non-binary is Xenogenders, xeno meaning alien, xenogenders really belong to Alterhuman and Neurodivergents. Within that category though, I identify as Angeligender and it means: “an angelic gender, a gender found only among angels that is difficult to describe to non angels”. Angels are known to be genderless and have no physical form, however, when do appear to us, they are of human form so they can relate to us. It can be confusing but in the end, I just basically ask that you refer as She/They pronouns.

Communities I Am In


Furry Fandom

Age Regression / Pet Regression