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About Me

Hello Everyone! First and foremost I want to say Thank you. For taking the time to click on my blog, I hope that with the content I offer I can help anyone out there venture in the great world of Law⚖️

I am a 30 something... single mom to Three Beautiful Girls whom include a set of Twins!

I am a current Law Student here in the wonderful city of San Antonio, Texas trying my best to survive online social distancing classes for a growing toddler, and milestones for my Twins that couldn’t be more different.

I hope to share some of my experience for any hopeful out there or simply connect with my Momprenuers , in tips and guidance for anyone who’s wanting to either go back to school, start a business, or simply relate to another Mom who’s trying to stay... well... Sane!
I hope to connect with you guys soon.


My Top Picks

When it comes to my wardrobe I like to keep it plain and simple. I tend to always stick to Neutrals, make sure to have certain key pieces in my closet that will make my outfit stand out.

Whether it may be a dress, a piece of jewelry, or an elegant blouse. I want to make sure that I dress myself in a very professional manner since I do deal with a lot of clients on a day to day basis.

One thing Clients will always take with them is that first impression not only a matter of how well you can talk someone into hiring you for your legal services, but when searching for Legal Representation it’s important that the client not only see your work ethic and case success rate but also how well you present yourself in that professional manner.

Scroll to see some of my favorite key pieces, when stepping into that court room or being at the office.

The Suit

When it comes to picking out the right suit, make sure you are sticking to a color that is very versatile. Although Black is very Classic, try your best to stay away from a Black Suit as your go-to.
If you absolutely can not live without the black suit, try to go for something like a dark navy blue, it’s both a very flattering color and professional.


The MUST suit wouldn’t be what it is if it’s not Tailored to fit YOUR body.
I myself am a very Petite person so when having my suits tailored, I make sure to take both my pumps and flats to make sure everything is cut to a perfect fit.

The Statement Dress

I don’t think any wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the Perfect Statement dress, I always shoot for a color that is not overpowering, but can also be worn with a blazer.

Comfortable Pumps

As much as I LOVE my Red Bottoms, I absolutely can not walk or stand in them all day!

Go for a pump that is already equipped with comfortable soles so that you won’t have to purchase some.
Black is your go to classic color! Nude pumps will always add an Extra elongated effect to those legs.
Especially if you’re “fun sized” like me!

Healthy is the New Happy!