Hi there and welcome to my little slice of internet space!

My name is Aina and I want to be your support on your path to the life that will make you want to jump out of bed every morning and get right to it.

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I am a lifelong learner & lover of all things breakfast.

I have lived in multiple countries and currently planning to build a tiny house on wheels so I never have to feel “stuck” in one place every again.

I havs a massive respect and admiration for small business owners, have tried on quite a few professional hats myself and after 11 years I’ve come back full circle to my original passion: Holistic Nutrition and supporting other multi-passionate people on their journey to better health and wellbeing.


The method

A combination of specifically tailored nutritional advice and positive psychology wrapped up in one!

The Nutrition Gateway is 10 weeks of self-exploration, dreaming up and sculpting your perfect day, setting up systems to keep you on your path, and others to help you come back to it should you find yourself making a little detour.

This method is al about fostering self acceptance and cultivating self-worth.

Because your dreams are worth exploring and your goals are meant to be reached 🧡

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You can have your pancakes and eat them too

I call myself a lifestyle architect because creating the life you want and taking care of your mind and body is not so much about learning about what and what not to eat, mindset and discipline as it is about creating the right circumstances for you to show up for yourself. Every single day.

I believe there is freedom in routines, that we can all do our part for the planet by choosing an environmentally friendlier diet, and that the simple act of sticking to the promises you make yourself is SO revolutionary that your boundaries will become your super powers.

My alter ego

Because life isn’t just about healthy eating.

If you’re not here for nutrition stuff I invite you to come hang out with me for my thoughts on my daily adventures and random life hacks.

I can promise you lots of pictures of my loyal travel companion 👆🏼, the beautiful island I call home, and other things that make me happy.

All of that and more happens over at @ainadventures