I’m Nikki

I’m a mama to my three babies Arianna (16) Jaiden (11) + Jackson (4 months). My amazing partner Juan has two children of his own, Benjamin (9) and Anna (6) and we are a blended family of 7.
I’m a Jersey girl; with a huge heart that strives for more —

We started our journey with Young Living over a year ago. When I became pregnant, I decided it was time for a change. I became more aware of all the toxins we are exposed to everyday. Additionally, I suffered from Postpartum Anxiety recently and essential oils have provided me with amazing emotional support and have completely changed my life!

You are the gatekeeper to your home and upon joining Young Living, I knew I wanted to be more intentional about the products we used for our family.

We use oils to support everything in our lives now — from cleaning without toxins, to supporting our emotions, health and well being.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens in your life for a reason, it’s all for you to learn and grow from to make you the person you were destined to be. I am truly passionate about educating on wellness and essential oils.

Together. Side by side. Forever friends! I’m here to teach you all that I know , plug you into our amazing community and share this journey with you!

If you are ready to dive in this with us, use the link below.

Our community & the business opportunity

I love friendship & have found the Young Living community to be one of the greatest unexpected perks of the oily lifestyle.

On our team, we do things differently. We love our oils, our products and love on our friends! ⋒

When you join our oily fam, you have the opportunity to do the business side of oils! Before you freak out- it’s completely optional! But, I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t share with you the blessings that come with it!

We have all of the support and resources you need to be successful! Just like you share your favorite pair of leggings or coffee order... telling the world about oils will become such a natural thing and will also allow you to become successful in this business! The best part is, you’ll never feel alone! I’m with you every step of the way.

It’s not just about the oils here, it’s about a community coming together to change each other’s lives & I’m so blessed to share it with you!