Hi! I'm Shannon

I'm a 24 year old, Mother of two beautiful children (another in heaven) and wife to my amazing husband, Tyler.

After the loss of our unborn bub early 2019, I finally decided to follow my heart after YEARS of suppressing the need to take the road less taken by others. I wanted a change - a change in lifestyle - a change in myself.

 Thus I embarked on a beautiful journey to self-discovery and self-healing - which led to a stunning spiritual enlightenment. 

 I have since adapted to a new way of living/thinking with the help of my natural friends - essential oils! aaand, welcomed our little rainbow earth side. 

 I am a Usui Reiki Master (Cer NH), Qualified Life Coach (Cer AUNLP), Qualified Aromatherapist (Cer IAOT) a member of natural healer and an independent Young Living distributor. I'm free-spirited and a truth seeker!

 I aspire to be the best I possibly can be and live as toxin free as this lifetime allows me.

I am constantly in search of new ways to add to my set of skills and to find easy, fun, effective, alternative ways to improve the life of my family and the life of others - and then sharing them!

​I believe that we rise by lifting others.

We have been gifted this life - so let's LIVE it!

It's more than oils - it is a lifestyle!

What are EO?

Essential oils are the essence of a plant - a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for us to bring the unmatched power of nature into our homes!

Inside many plants - hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, bark, are concentrated, highly potent compounds. These natural compounds are known as Essential oils. 

Essential oils give a plant its scent. They are also used by plants themselves. Essential oils in plants help with infection control, humidity control, hormonal effects, wound healing and attracting or repelling insects, birds, and animals.

​Essential oils have been used for THOUSANDS of years to enhance lives.

Many natural medicine practitioners, such as Aromatherapists (Hello!) use essential oils.

You can use Essential oils in three different ways

 - Topically, Internally and Aromatically.

Which ever you choose - the possibilities and benefits are ENDLESS!

How EO can benefit your life

Essential Oils can improve your health and overall well-being.

They can aid your life in VARIOUS ways -whether it be in a roller for a pick-me-upper, blended for immune support, used as a chest rub to open your airways or diffused to rid your home from nasty smells. The possibilities and uses are infinite!

Each EO has their own unique super power that can benefit the mind, body & spirit!

Come and explore the world of EO - mix and match them for your needs. Create your own unique diffuser blend and personalize your skin care routines with your own DIY serums!

Why Young Living?

Young Living has an unmatched Seed to seal process (sourcing, science & standards) to guarantee the purity and potency of every oil.

They are so confident about their promise, that they invite anyone and everyone to visit any-one of their farms around the globe to participate in their harvest and distillation process. 

Young Living has been producing thee finest quality oils for over 25 years!

If at any point in the production process something doesn't meet their standard, they get rid of it and start the process all over again.

They accept nothing less! 

They believe that we and our families deserve genuine products, free of synthetic chemicals and unmatched purity!

Why not just buy EO from the store?

Firstly, there is absolutely NO regulations on what companies can market and sell in stores (this goes for any product).

They can put words like "organic", "therapeutic", "pure" on their labels and actually only have 5% of real essential oil in their bottle with fillers making up to 95%..


After extensive research I found that Young Living is one of thee ONLY Essential oil companies in the world that delivers 100% real, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils (and other Essential oil infused, natural products) - making it safe for consumption, whereas store bought essential oils are only suitable for cosmetics and perfumes.

What's in it for YOU!

Besides a cleaner, healthier lifestyle?

When you purchase your Starter Kit you automatically become a Young Living member and receive all of the juicy benefits like instant 24% off retail prices.

I always recommend getting the PSK (Premium Starter Kit) as this kit allows you to start using a variety of oils for a fraction of the price (if you would go buy the oils individually)

You get 10 oils & a STUNNING diffuser for only R2340! (price includes delivery) 

When you join Young Living using my Member I.D 24848747 - you are not only supporting my family, but also trusting me to guide you throughout this wellness journey!

I will add you to all of our amazing FB groups that is packed with LOADS of product information, ideas, recipes and tips on how to use essential oils and continue the ditch and switch process in your lifestyle and around your home. 

When you sign up and join ER (Essential Rewards - I'll get to that in a sec) - I'll send you a welcome pack from The Oily Self as a thank you - and to congratulate you on starting this amazing journey with us! 

As a Young Living member you will receive an instant 24% off of retail prices as well as FREE or discounted shipping and product freebies - when you join ER (Essential Rewards).

Essential Rewards is a customizable monthly wellness box - which is free to start, stop and maintain at anytime. ER is a monthly order which you can cancel at ANY time without penalties (well, you wont want to because,  ER = free oils). You also get back on your monthly points - month 1-3 = 10% back, month 4-24 20% back and 25% back on month 25+.

To make things even better - you will receive gifts at month 3, 6, 9 and a loyalty gift at month 12 just because you decided to stay on ER. Who doesn't LOVE free goodies?!

BUSINESS is NOT required when joining YL, but it is there if you want it to be - and so will I! EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY

Ready for change?

Be your change