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Hi babes I am so excited to share my YouTube channel with all of you I post once a week stay tuned & subscribe to be updated on my latest content !

You guys won’t believe what happened | Scared for my life Vlog | birthday party !

Day in the life of a mom working from home | COCKTAILS & NETWORKING | Unboxing Haul !

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July 21, 2021 soooo like I kind of did something 🤭

Heys babes I’m Alexa !

Making an impact one person at a time !

Who I am well let’s see ? Well let’s first start off by saying I am a mommy who’s works from home I am also a first time mom. I decided to work from home to spend more time with my daughter while she was still a toddler I didn’t want to miss out on anymore milestones of her life. That is where I would like to say it started for me but another thing was not only did I do this for that reason I personally always enjoyed social media, making content, and showcasing my life on this platform so I thought what better way than to give this a shot I already enjoy doing all of this myself.

Beauty self care wellness always was something I was into and when I discovered I could do this from home and connecting with so many others that are like minded and have the same goals as I do. I really just jumped for this opportunity because this was always something enjoyed doing so what better way to do this while making an income bettering my self in all aspects of my life & my mindset as well as doing the same for others.

Hi loves !

We all deserve to live our best lives if you are interested in leveling up your mindset and your lifestyle I would love to connect with you and help make this posssible I only want you to be the best version of you always ❕

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