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Farmasi is revolutionizing the way traditional small businesses are ran. With industry leading compensation, cash and auto bonuses, vacations, and incentives... we can't be beat!

Farmasi is a family owned and operated company, originating from Turkey and was established over 65 years ago by Doctor Cevdet Tuna. Our company has been one of the leading, trustworthy and sustainable company both for its customers and business partners. Our products are manufactured with the highest standards and certified by independent international companies and laboratories such as GMP and ISO 9001.

We are a household name with more than luxurious affordable makeup. From top quality skincare, hair care, false lashes, mens care, body care, foot and nail care to Eco Friendly cleaning supplies.

Plus we are expanding our market with a new Health & Wellness line called, Nutriplus. We have recently started slow rolling with three different blends of coffee, Chicory, Grain and Chicory with Collagen. More to come to this line in the upcoming months!

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The Founder

Doctor Cevdet Tuna.

Dr. C. Tuna was born in 1923 in Edirne, Turkey, a city located on the Bulgaria border of Turkey.

Dr. C. Tuna, the 7th oldest of the 9 children in his family. 9 siblings in the Tuna family were all motivated to learn as much as they can which lead them to graduate from 11 universities back in the first half of 20th century. Dr C. Tuna started to elementary school in 1930 in Balıkpazarı, Edirne. After graduating from Haydarpasa High School in 1941, he had the chance to move to Germany to study in Goethe Medical School.

After he completed his education, he immediately returned back to his home town with a desire to serve for his country. Until 1950, Dr. C. Tuna worked as the only lieutenant physician in Hadimkoy, Istanbul in the military and cured soldiers during the war period. In 1952, he established one of the first pharmaceutical factories in Turkey, Tege Pharmaceutical Factory, and entered into professional life. He formulated some of the first Turkish cough syrup, painkiller, burn ointment and cough tablet. With his great passion to work, he personally attended to every step of the development process especially into new formulations of his business. Simultaneously, Dr. C. Tuna established the first analysis laboratory in Turkey.

After expanding his company with passion for 22 years, he sold the shares of the company to an enterprise with foreign investment. Between 1977 and 1995, he imported raw materials for pharmaceutical products that were used in manual formulations in drug stores and sold these products to about 13.500 pharmacies all around Turkey. Simultaneously, he worked as a trustee for small and medium sized domestic drug companies. In 1998, he established Tanalize Cosmetics and and soon the Farmasi brand.

•We do not test on animals

•We do not use parabens in our products

•We do not use heavy metals

•Our products are non GMO

•Our products are Dermatologist tested

•Vegan Formulated

•Free of SLS

•We do not use gluten on our products

Meet our CEO & President of Farmasi

Emre Tuna and Sinan Tuna

Brothers, Sinan Tuna and Emre Tuna, educated and living abroad for years, head up Farmasi’s global expansion, which started in the U.S. in January of 2019.

Currently, Farmasi is active in 26 countries, sells products in 125 countries, and has more than 4 million distributors worldwide. They’ve been named the fastest-growing brand based in Europe, as well as the third fastest growing direct selling company in the world.

Farmasi has officially launched their doors to Mexico and Canada as of October 1st, 2021 and rapidly growing.

Basic Business Kit

You can get your business started for a one time payment of $19.99, which includes your free website, a small sample pack with basic business information and catalogs.

This also unlocks your personal discount of 50% off and you can start receiving your 50% commission on all online customer orders the moment you click submit.

But that's not all that's unlock. How does an additional 3% up to 25% in bonus commission sound? What about Cash Bonuses and Car Bonuses? With Farmasi you can get paid 10 different ways

Zero website fees & Zero monthly fees

Minimum requirement of $125PV every 6 months to remain an active Beauty Influencer. That's basically $21 a month which is a bag of Chciory Coffee & Whitening Toothpaste!

Keep reading to see our optional Add-On kits!

The Beauty Kit

This Beauty Kit is valued over $330 but is only $125 when picked as an add-on kit when joining. It includes 23 full size makeup products and sample packs to help you jumpstart your business.

All-In Favorites Kit

The All-In Favorites Kit is valued over $350 but is only $125 when picked as an add-on kit when joining. It includes 16 full size products ranging from skin care to hair care to foot and body care. Plus sample packs to help you jumpstart your business.

The Better You Kit

The Better You Kit is valued at $347 but is only $125 when picked as an add-on kit when joining. It includes 14 full size products ranging for skin care to hair care to our massage gels. Plus includes sample packs to help you jumpstart your business.

The Forever Young Kit

The Forever Young Kit is valued over $350 but is only $125 when picked as an add-on kit when joining. It includes 10 full size products from 2 of our luxurious and best selling skin care lines. Also included are sample packs to help you jumpstart your business.

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