This Little Light of Mine…I’m Gonna Let it Shine

Fulfilling My Destiny & Purpose

When I entered into a sacred relationship with the living Earth and the cosmos, I made room for the sacred feminine in my womb, my heart, and received her wisdom into my being. Now, I dance with her, my feet kissing the earth as I walk in service and gratitude.

When we release the spirit of our true feminine energy, that is within us, we can then unite with our entire self to return to wholeness, to our original purity and the wisdom of our ancestors.

We then become the wild and free woman that we hear calling inside of our souls. Sacred Divine Feminine Energy walking in light, love, and truth.

And this is what my calling is dedicated to do.


The Yoni Collective Project

Yoni comes from the ancient spiritual language, Sanskrit. It is a deeply honouring & reverential word that means Vulva, Womb, Vessel, Mother Earth & Home. In the Veda It is said that by nature the Yoni is a constant orgasm. It is where life is created, nurtured, birthed, sustained as well as where a dying process in the form of transformation takes place.

When I say I want to let my light shine…here is a reflection of what that encompasses….

A project that empowers those who identify with being a woman & have a Yoni to know that they are the source of love, security & happiness. Neutralize competition through contribution, validation & sharing your story. Neutralize jealousy through admiration and the sacred arts. Neutralize fear, insecurity, the sense of unworthiness, shame and alienation through self knowledge and sacred gatherings. Our power as a collective is so powerful…I will answer my calling and let my little (bright) light shine ✨ My Yoni collection is now complete. The beauty in each of these represents all walks of life. United. Together. Strong. Giver of life. Pachamama 🌍 I love you ❤️

I Surrender To Myself…

My wetness is the angelic choir
Sung in a stained glass church
My wetness is the miracle of spring rain
Melting the frozen earth
My wetness is a prayer to the Gods
An erotic poem squeezed from the clouds
To feed the flowers in a garden
My wetness is the portal
Where Life slides into the beginning
My wetness is what makes the oceans turn
I am the Queen
The Queen of heaven
I surrender to myself

~ Maya Luna
Art of Maya Luna

Art by Carmen Seijas