Who are we?

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In the next few slides, we’d like to tell you a little bit about who we are and why we do what we do!


What is our organization for?

An organization with a mission - to offer educational opportunities to marginalized youth in South Florida, in hopes of inspiring a passion for education.


How are we achieving our goals?

Through partnership with various extracurricular organizations and implementation of these programs within lower income schools. We’d also like to offer multiple skill-building workshops, provided for students, by students.


Why did we found this organization?

We believe that too many students do not have access to educational opportunities and therefore are never given the chance to develop interests and passions that can grow into careers. It is our mission to provide students with the outlet to develop their sense of individuality with an educational component so that future youth can flourish.

About Us

Get to know the faces behind the movement!

Kayla Simpson (she/her)

Co-founder & Program Director/Coordinator

I am a Junior at Florida Atlantic University High School pursuing a major in Biological Science and a minor in Ethnic Politics. I’m very passionate about education equity, women’s rights, activism, and anti-imperialism. In the future I’d like to receive a dual M.D. and M.P.H.

Outside of academics and activism, I like to run and play volleyball, tutor math and science, and volunteer. I also enjoy watching Japanese anime and driving.

Katrina Dobinda (she/her)

Co-founder & Communications Manager

I am a junior at Florida Atlantic High School pursuing a biology major with a pre-med focus, as well as a math minor. I have always been passionate about activism, especially in regards to environmentalism, human rights, and educational opportunities.

Outside of the more educational and activism aspects of my life, I work two jobs, read, create random music playlists, watching korean dramas, and playing card games!

Megan Enriquez (she/her)

Director of Operations

I am a high school junior at Grandview Preparatory School who is interested in pursuing engineering in college. I am also passionate about community service and activism regarding period poverty.

Outside of the PACEing project I am president of PERIOD @ Boca Raton, co-founder of the Coalition Against Period Poverty, president of Key Club at Grandview Prep, co-captain of the FRC Dirty Mechanics Robotics Team, and a teacher at CanCode. I’m joining the PACEing project because I believe that everyone should be able to find subjects that they are passionate about. In my free time I like to play the ukulele and watch Netflix.

Emaad Mirza (he/him)

Co-founder & Director of Finance

I’m a dual-enrolled junior at Florida Atlantic University graduating with my B.S. in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration and my diploma in 2022. I research environmental chemistry and am still unsure what I want to do post graduation. My interest in education stems from my own personal difficulties with identifying my interests and pursuing them; much of my advising has been provided to me from my school, and I want others to be able have the support I was able to get.

My hobbies include taking care of my plants and listening to Kendrick Lamar.