About The Paisley Agency

Public Relations, Marketing and Event Planning

Founded in 2017 The Paisley Agency services client’s in the Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and business sectors.

We believe in the importance of story telling, we pride ourself on finding the special “why” every brand has then we nurture it and share it in a multitude of different ways with the world.

Service Breakdown

Public Relations

Good PR tells your brand story and builds credibility to your public. Our company prides ourself in building a relationship with our client and their brands first. Then we apply the needed tactics to craft their story with a clear vision and action plan to make it marketable. ​

Social Media Management

In this new and ever changing digital world social presence can make or break you. With our social media management services we will present your brand in its best light to your target audiences and create the needed connection to not only engage them but to also entice them to act. ​


There is a lot of confusion in brand marketing. How should you start? Which strategies work best for you? The days are long gone where before all you needed to market was a catchy slogan and a logo. Consumers simply want to know can your business be the solution to their problems. We like to work closely with our clients to collaboratively create strategizes to not only answer consumers questions but to build clientele.

Event Planning

From start to finish planning a event is a full on production that requires attention to every detail to be successful. We want to save you the time by helping you create that successful event that you've always dreamed of. ​