Thanks for getting here!

We have a proposal for you and we would love you to participate.

You know better than anyone else what you need in your everyday backpack, that’s why we created this profile.

Because we strongly believe that good ideas grow from other ideas!

So we want to know how you imagine the Perfect Backpack.

We design a proposal base in the steps:

#1 Listen
#2 Colaborative process
#3 Make it happen - Crowdfunding

#1 Listen First

We would like to hear all ideas from all cosmopolitan citizens about how a backpack should be.

This is a space for creative, conscious, curious, inspiring, thought-provoking, world changing and kind new minds!

So how this first step is going to work?

We will do quiz & games in order to discover why & for what we use backpakcs. What we carry in, which features must have or inovations should include.

If you have any revolutionary or just a simply idea, we want to hear it!

Please, share it as a comment o send us a privat message.

We are all ears & ready to make ideas happen.

#2 Colaborative process

Once we finish the listening process & recap all your amazing ideas, we will go to our studio to set up all your views.

At this point we will need your collaboration too.

Together we will decide which fabrics, colors and characteristics to include.

In short, we will show you the entire design process and ask for your active collaboration.

To keep designing the perfect backpack for all of us.

#3 Crowdfunding

Let's make it happen!

In history, there have been times when people have come together to make progress.

And after all this process, this is our opportunity to grow this project.

However, we want to do it following the spirit of the Perfect Backpack with a platform that allows us to continue growing as a community.

So we will build a Crowdfunding campaign to get the resources to produce it.