Get to Know The Girl Behind the Microphone and the Podcast’s Purpose

My name is Chierra Lindsay and I’m a 28 year old, silly, confident, Philadelphia native, and preacher’s kid. I spent my childhood in Philly until I moved to Texas in 2011 to attend Baylor University in Waco, TX. As a business double major, my studies were far from music or faith focused in school, but my passion was always there. After graduating in 2015, I moved to Dallas for work. Although I love my job, I felt that something was missing in my personal life. I later came to realize I was missing my passion and calling which has developed into Chi’s CheckIn and now The Pieces Podcast.

The purpose of The Pieces Podcast is to facilitate an opportunity to convene with God through music lead devotionals. Each episode is an invitation into me and Who made me what I am. Ultimately the person that I am is a reflection of Christ’s love of me. I’ve been told by others that I often am like a light in their lives so I want to shine my light through each podcast episode to introduce listeners to the true light in me, Christ, and how He shows up in the modern world.

Music is so powerful it can transform your whole mood, forge connections, and spark conversation. Music is my light in darkness. It uplifts me. I want to share my music based devotional approach with others to help them make room for Christ within their lives. I hope The Pieces Podcast provides you with songs that helps you do the same.