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I am a playlist curator from Toronto & Montreal, Canada. My playlists are designed to help others learn more about music, and/or to take listeners through a musical journey. I also write pieces on music culture, and create trivia games to further promote music knowledge.

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Feel free to email me if you want to have a conversation about music! I’m a huge fan of the following genres: soca, dancehall, R&B, hip-hop and pop. I’m always willing to learn more, and discuss all things music related.


1) What is a playlist curation request?

A playlist curation request is a requested playlist for your personal or business related needs.

NOTE - You can request the playlist to be on my playlist pages or your own, and I DO NOT charge for playlist admission spots!

2) How long does it take for me to complete a playlist curation request?

1-5 business days (depends on request)

3) How much does it cost for a playlist curation request?

Standard price is $50 CAD.

NOTE - Above price is a onetime charge,
I currently do not charge for playlist maintenance or for playlist spots.
Prices can vary and are subject to change.

4) Do you offer playlist maintenance services?

Yes, I do with no extra cost to you. Currently my playlist maintenance services are FREE.

5) Which streaming platform do you use?

I primarily use Apple Music & Spotify for my playlists, however I can curate a playlist for you on the platform of your choice!

6) How do you accept payments?

Interac E-Transfer:


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