The POSH Experience


The Posh Cosmetic Concierge LLC is a mobile private care recovery service for post op surgery. Owned and operated by a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant/Anesthesia Technician who is 2x certified in postoperative care with 12 years of experience.

We understand recovery from surgery can be scary. Our first priority is safety and giving you an elevated experience to their personal postop care. Our guest are able to relax in a luxurious and tranquil environment that is solely focused on their recovery. We cater to each individual need of every guest ensuring optimal healing. Comfort and privacy joined with luxurious aftercare create a POSH recovery experience!

Recovery Services

The POSH Experience

The Posh Cosmetic Concierge offers a recovery service to suit every guest needs. We offer all inclusive 24 hour care, and hourly care services. Recovery care service include…
*Experienced Hands on Care
* Concierge Services
* Premium Transportation
* Laundry Services (Sx Garments)
* Room Setup
* Monitoring of Vitals
* Appointment Coordination
* Light Cooking
* Walking Assistance
* Customized Post Operative Care Plan
* Restroom Assistance
* Changing of Bandages and Garments
* Pain Assessment and Management
* Medication and Injection Administration
* Prescription Drop Off and Pick Up
* Assistance with Bathing and Grooming
* Ongoing Communication with Doctor/Surgeons and Family Members
* Post Operative Education
* Light Housekeeping


Top Tier

Ideal for the guest traveling by their self or for those who want the recovery house feel in a private setting. All inclusive service is 24 hr overnight care for three days consecutively.  Includes everything listed as well as airport, preop, sx day and postop transportation, customized meals, basic supplies, and postop furniture included.

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Expensive Taste

Our most popular service is Expensive Taste. 2 or 4
days of care, includes everything listed above plus basic supplies, customize meal prep list, sx pick up/ post op day transportation. Hours of care start at pick up from sx.

2 Days -$1375
Day 1-8 hours
Day 2-8 hours

4 Days -$1695
Day 1-8 hours
Day 2-8 hours
Day 3-4 hours
Day 4-4 hours

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So Posh

So Posh is our hourly care recovery service. Hours of care maybe selected 6, 8 or 10 hours. Supply list and food list will be provided. Supplies are not included but can be added on. This option does not include massages. Hours of care start at pick up from sx. Surgery pick up transportation included.

6 hours-$550
8 hours-$750
10 hours-$850

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R!ch Girl$

R!ch Girl$ is our surgery sister recovery service. Girls trip but let’s get surgery. Any recovery service can be a R!ch Girl$ service. When booking select the R!ch Girl$ service and add an additional service.

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