Release Date September 25th

The Growth Mindset!

Success requires you to engage in the process of your personal growth at all times. In this book you will find out ways you can improve your life by simply changing your day to day thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

Beat Postgrad Depression!

The Postgrad Life Coach LLC

A proud Florida A&M University Alumna beating postgrad depression with one individual at a time. I know what feeling like a failure is, graduated but can’t land the dream job, end up working for $12/h waiting to pass these entrance exams while indulging in debts to make yourself feel good, we usually call those bad habits “self-care.” Living above our means, being proud of having a 600 or less credit score with no plan to increase it. Spending with no budget or an emergency fund. Living paycheck to paycheck. Have no idea what investing is. Yes I’m in your business 🤥


The Postgrad Life Coach offers financial and practical services to recent and former Graduates to alleviate the stress face in transitioning from being a scholar to the workforce or to just take on full adulthood financial responsibilities.
The Postgrad Life Coach is not only gear toward grads but also college students as well as anyone who need assistance in repairing their credits and personal finances.
The Postgrad Life Coach services are Growth Mindset, Financial Postgrad Coaching and credit score services. Service descriptions are on the booking site below.

About Me

Tamara Luma is a Haitian-American HBCU grad who went through two years of postgrad depression and overcame it during the pandemic with self-education, financial bootcamp, courses and coaches. She is ready to help you in your journey of transitioning from a scholar and beat Postgrad depression in the process.

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