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Open Relationships

Are Open Relationships a YAY 🤗or a NAY😣

The Pot Podcast

You're being played

Catfishes, Cheaters and Emotional Frauds are playing you. Wake up 🙄

The Pot Podcast

The Child is in the POT

A poetic dual between Alexandra Ochieng and Leah Navalayo. Who do you think won 🤔

The Pot Podcast

Red Flags in Relationships

Red flags in Relationships 🚩🚩.. Let's talk about it.

The Pot Podcast

Petty things we do after a breakup

Petty things we do after a breakup 😂We are all messy🙄

The Pot Podcast

PART 2: My Struggle with Depression

Lawyer Loise Muli gives us an overview of depression.

The Pot Podcast

PART 1: My Struggle with Depression

Lawyer Loise Muli opens up about her struggle with depression.

The Pot Podcast


Why is it that when you one is caught cheating they start long English 🤣🤣.. Check out this episode 🤗


Are Social Media Challenges Sexist?

Why are most social media challenges done by women? Is it because women get too excited quickly to do something than men? Where are men in these challenges? Of course, they are somewhere taking part as spectators or being the viewers. Join the conversation as our Host Leah Navalayo delves into this controversial topic.

Social media and Sexism

Common lies people tell

Why do people lie?  Is it to protect someone's feelings?, To get what you want?, To cover up for a mistake? OR To keep secrets that could damage reputation? Join in the conversation and share your experiences @thepotpodcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Common lies

Love Language

What's your Primary Love Language? On this episode, my Guest Co-host Clementine Kilonzo and I examine the Five Love Languages:- Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service & Physical Touch. Let's engage and have some good laugh! Also send me a message and give me your feedback on our shows. Am waiting!!!

Love Language

What's the dumbest thing you've done for love?

Love can make us do dumb things but is it worth it? So who controls your foolishness button?And what crazy things have you done ; do you regret them? Join Leah Navalayo as she explores these issues on this episode.

Dumb lovers

Bye 2020 ; 2021 be good to us

This is a recap of events that happened in 2020 from the pandemic, losing family members, the introduction of virtual concerts and so much more...

Bye 2020

Marrying late is better than marrying wrong

Welcome to our first episode in 2021!! On this episode Leah Navalayo invites three of her listeners to engage on this topic. The contributors (Potters) as she often refers to her listeners; share their experiences on marriage and give advice to those not yet married. The show is packed with lots of information and laughter. Enjoy listening and remember to give your feedback. Happy New Year!!!

Late Marriage


Introducing The Pot Podcast to the world


Why am I not yet your girlfriend?

On this episode our host Leah Navalayo delves into  story about a lady  who has been somebody's side-chick for three years. Then the said man separated with his main girlfriend. BUT instead of this side-chick to be upgraded as the main girlfriend, the man took in another girlfriend as his main girlfriend. Are you shocked? Let's discuss this! Send in your thoughts!


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Common lies people tell

Are Social Media Challenges Sexist?

What's the dumbest thing you've done for love?