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About your Beauty Guide!

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Kristina Sowers, oI am a homesteading mom to two kids Arya 6 & Patrick 4. We have one cat, two hamsters, 5 bunnies and way to many chickens. 😜 oh and I keep honey bees! Besides beautifying women and being a chicken tender 😆 I also run an Etsy shop showcasing my embroidery! I just recently joined this amazing company and I must say I’m having such a wonderful time! My son patrick is on the autism spectrum so when it came to self care I always use to put myself last. Even on my worst days when he doesn’t sleep and I feel tried and run down, once I put on makeup I feel human and like I can actually make it through the day on nothing but coffee and three hours of sleep 😅With Limelife I feel like I’m finding myself again!

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I’m cray about our skincare line! Affective, affordable and safe.

We are known for using healthier ingredients that come from sustainable harvesting for an affordable price! We want to make sure women and men are taking care of their skin without the use of harmful ingredients.


Bundle and SAVE!

Fresh Start Collection


Rebalance your skin with a natural-based cleanser and moisturizer that is just right for you. Choose the perfect cleanser and moisturizer that will work in combination to get you on a path to even more radiant skin.

For Dry Or Mature Skin Types: We suggest Quench Cleanse and Skin Therapy

For Oily Or Acne Prone Skin Types: We suggest Dream Clean and Cool Balm

One Cleanser +One Moisturizer
Save $10

Fresh Start Collection + Mask= Skin Confidence Collection


Completely customizable!
One cleanser+One mask+One moisturizer
With a savings of $14

Skin Polish...This lemony fresh mask is formulated with lemon, olive and cypress oil to plump skin with moisture, gently brighten and restore a healthy looking glow. National jojoba beads rollaway dry skin and impurities, leaving skin fresh, soft and polished.

Masque of Zen... this clay mask detoxifies and resets unbalanced skin. Formulated with Montana Clay to absorb excess oil and Tea tree oil to soothe skin, this mask will greatly improve radiance, reduce breakouts, and leave skin glowing.

Sotox + One Drop Wonder


Sotox...This ultra effective serum is specially designed for mature skin that needs lifting, firming, and protection from the environment. Formulated with precious extracts from the Songyi mushroom, this serum gently even skin tone, slow is fine lines and wrinkles, and helps restores skins youthful radiance. 

One Drop Wonder-A lightweight vegan oil that is cold press isolated from the seeds of the Maclura Pomiferia fruit. This precious oil is cold pressed extracted and can be mixed with any of our products to act as a booster to enhance that products benefits.

SAVE $10


Take the quiz to see what your shade is and tell your beauty guide!

When we say professional quality makeup, we don’t mean you have to be a pro to use it.. we mean that the quality is better than anything else! Our foundation is 50% pigmented, versus 10-15% for drug store brands and 20-25% for the higher end brands. So yea... the coverage is insane. But the best part is that it isn't heavy! Incredible coverage without the thick cakey feel! You can apply a sheer to full coverage, as it is easily buildable! Check out a few of my before and afters below. I love how natural it looks and how it gives me a beautiful glow while evening out my skin. Make sure to take the quiz!

CONCEALER, originally named Camo Cream, highly pigmented, and is a world-renowned, tried-and-true professional formula that effectively corrects and covers skin discolorations, blemishes, and tattoos. Its wax base makes it water resistant, long wearing, and a great primer for powders and shadows.

Check out my wonderful sponsor show off the foundation and concealer and how to apply them!


All about the brows!

Brow gel- Our tinted brow gel is rich in pigment and plant-based fibers to fill in sparse areas and add volume to your brow. The water resistant formula keeps color and fibers locked on to define and hold the shape of your brow.

Brow Pencil-define your brows with just a few strokes. The precise tip of our brow pencil creates incredibly fine, hair like strokes with cheap natural looking browse it last. Our smooth long lasting formula is ideal for filling in sparse areas and giving brows natural definition for a clean, polished look.

Eyeshadow & Brow Tamer Brush-tame eyebrows with one end and use the other end to fill in sparse areas using a matching shade of perfect eyeshadow!



YouTube video

Check out my amazing team leader again as she shows us all about brows!


Blush, Bronzer, Translucent Powder, HD Setting Powder

This professional blush formula is finely milled to blend perfectly and evenly with just the right amount of pigment to achieve a natural, healthy glow every application.

Our bronzer has the perfect concentration of colored pigment and a hint of luminescense to help define facial features or create the illusion of sun-kissed, glowing skin.

Our Translucent Powder simply disappears, which means no caking, or flashback. This professional formula effectively sets make up for longer wear, absorbs the appearance of excess oil on skin, and creates a flawless finish foundation, concealer and colored powders.

Our Perfect Colored Powders  are finely milled and highly pigmented to produce a flawless and even application. This uniquely light, luxurious texture of this formula has a velvet matte finish and it’s perfect for touchups or building in layers for a beautifully natural finish.



Why is our eyeshadow so different?!

Not only do you get more product in the usual palette you can customize a four, six or 18 well palette for yourself! And the best part about that is you can replace the color you use the most later! Everything is magnetic and individualized to you!


Let’s Take Two & all the possibilities for your lips!

Chelsey is at it again!


Let’s look at lip options

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Want to join our family?!

We’ve been in the beauty industry for decades, but we’ve been a family far longer. So much as we’re experts on professional makeup and natural skin care, we’re also experts in supporting one another through triumphs and challenges! Becoming a beauty guide for a LimeLife by Alcone means you’re joining our family. It means that you will get to sell makeup and share what you love. It means going after your goals, your way, backed by an incredible group of individuals passionate about doing the same!

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