The Pretty Mad Scientist | Skincare Expert & Coach

The Pretty Mad Scientist is a Skincare Expert & Coach who has been in the beauty industry for 8+ years. With a background in Science and Product Development, her experience has given her a keen eye for seeing right through marketing campaigns and getting the truth out of beauty product claims. An ingredient-encyclopedia, she’s worked for beauty giants like Estee Lauder Companies and Sephora, as well as Canadian start-up, Deciem.

Her coaching services take the guesswork out of building your ideal routine. How refreshing would it be to get advice from someone who's not trying to hit a sales target for a brand, nor trying to convince you to try their most expensive (and painful) treatments?!

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a skincare newb, or a skincare fiend that has suddenly hit a roadblock, your experience will be designed with only you in mind. She does the grunt work for you, and puts the power to glow in your hands.

You come out of phase 1 with a personalized, budget-friendly, expert-chosen skincare regimen after a thorough analysis of your skin and its history. Everything is tailored to each individual client. But the products you use are only as effective as your method. That's why your Coach is there to not only teach you what ingredients would best target your concerns, but also what application methods and patterns are likely to yield the best and most longterm results. Interested in modern beauty treatments, ancient tools, LED, or facial yoga? Meet the Guru.

Consider it a Personal Training experience for your skin.