About me

Welcome to The Printable Geek Design Studio!

My name is Nicole and welcome to my Etsy shop!
I have been a graphic designer for over 18 years starting with my very first professional job in a little photography studio in Slidell, Louisiana. At the time I was a college student looking at an ad for a graphic designer posted in the campus square. “Must know Photoshop” the ad said. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t. That night I went home, applied for the job, downloaded the program and taught myself Photoshop. When I went in for the interview the owner said, “show me what you got” and that I did. I wowed him, got the job and with it a lifelong love for the field. Eighteen years, a career, husband and 4 kids later, I’ve decided to give my passion a permanent place in my life and launch The Printable Geek to showcase my love for design and help fulfill a need for people who desire quality designs for a low cost and fast turnaround time.

The Printable Geek specializes in convenience and flexibility. And what I mean by that is offering printables that can be downloaded instantly and can be used in a variety of ways. All of my designs feature unlimited printing and sizes compatible with at most home printers. This is a great option because there is no waiting for shipping, unlimited copies and different sizes can be printed from just one purchase! And as always, I am happy to customize any design to fit your sizing needs for FREE.

Please, feel free to browse my current offerings and check back often to see my newest designs.
Thanks your stopping by!

-Nicole, “The Printable Geek”