About Me

A little about the real AB. . .

Our Miami, Fl native, Amber is an alluring 25 year old woman. A true Sagittarian, she's optimistic and very idealistic. At a young age, she found her passion in editing and graphic designs that allowed her to bring light to her creativity side.

Amber graduated from Miami Norland Senior High School in 2013, where she was a part of the auxiliary as a majorette. While currently working full time, and studying Business Management with a minor in Early Child Care. Amber founded Ambitiously Bold in 2018 but established it summer 2020. The meaning of the business name Ambitiously Bold comes from representation of Amber herself. Always having extingent desire of determination of succeeding and not afraid, boldly to dabble in a little of everything in the entrepreneur world. Hints her tagline "Just a Little of Everything". She started with retailing swimwear and accessories, making party treats with her sister where she specialized in making party favors, then transitioned into full on graphic designer and crafter. As Ambitiously Bold is constantly expanding everyday, Amber is currently embarking on a new business journey. She will be launching two new brands in 2020. Serene Luxor, is a hand poured soy wax candle company offering soothing scent to promote mental health and self care. Laelay Exclusives, will be providing latest fashion trends for children while promoting self love, high self esteem boosting and leadership which is everything the girls father imprinted on them. These brands are highly anticipated, and overly excited to share with the world.

Amber thrives on high quality all across the board holding her brands on high standards. Providing the utmost executive customer service and high quality services and/or products. With the ultimate goal in becoming a well respected successful businesswoman and entreprenuer. There’s no shocker when seeing her name/brand attached to non-profit events. As Amber continues to blossom with her personal life and business journies, she maintains by making it mandatory keeping God first, and having the open mind with the willingness of continuously learning.