Pippa Quiram

Your Personal Trainer

Hey friend! My name is Pippa and I’m your go-to girl for Personal Training in North Denver. Why did I become a Certified Personal Trainer?
After having my daughter in 2014, I found myself uncomfortable in my own skin. I longed to have my confidence and self-love back but I knew it would take a lifestyle change thus bringing me to embark on my own health and fitness journey. Fast forward a bit from there is where I started with my first group fitness certification in Zumba. This only ignited my passion for helping others on their own fitness journeys which ultimately led to me becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.
I love working with people and inspiring them to lead a healthier lifestyle. When I see my clients and students challenge themselves and trust the process, it gives me great pride because I know how hard it can be. I’m a firm believer that we CAN do hard things and we CAN change our lives. We deserve to lead healthy lifestyles so we live longer, can be more active and present with our families and ultimately feel more comfortable in the bodies we were given. Personal training and group fitness is my way of serving others and sharing my passion with the world. I cannot wait to work with you!
In Fitness,

Strong is the new skinny.

I could write you a million motivational quotes. I could show you a thousand before and afters. I could cook you hundreds of healthy meals. BUT the truth is.... YOU need to want it bad enough to get off your ass and work for it. And that’s where I step in to help you break the bad habits 💪