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Manuscript Wishlist

What I’m interested in reading as a freelancer.

“Oh, My God” Families

Whether they’re family by blood or choice, these are the people who will share your most embarrassing stories (photographic proof optional), keep you in check when you’re standing in DeNile, and have your back *all* the time (not just when you need them the most).

Of course they can’t keep their opinions to themselves—who do you think they are?

Comps: Mia Sosa, Rhys Ford, Mary Calmes

Dangerous Men

Listen. There is nothing sexier than a dark romance alpha hero.

He’s protective, capable, dangerous, and will have you at all costs. And—most importantly—he only shows his partner his vulnerable side.

Mafia bosses, bodyguards, underground fighters—all names for morally ambiguous heroes who know what they want, so they gone get it.

The more ruthless, dubious, and tormented they are, the better.

Comps: CD Reiss, Jessica Gadziala, Kenya Wright

Perplexed Irish Heroes

He’s got charm, charisma, and a sweetness that really shouldn’t be in a man that fine.

He’s an adorable cinnamon roll hero who—while having his shit together—flails like crazy trying to give his partner the TLC they need.

He often gets it wrong, but his intentions are beyond sweet (and his grovel game is on 100).

Comps: Lynsay Sands, Charish Reid, Kerrelyn Sparks

Cuddly Romances

These are the couples and throuples who you don’t understand how, but it works.

Their relationships dynamics are so uniquely “them” that you can’t help be overjoyed they’ve found their match. From keeping up with each other’s crazy hobbies, to having that undeniable connection against all odds, these are the couples readers comfort read.

Comps: Cardeno C., Marianna Zapata, Aidan Wayne

Humorous & Authentic Paranormals

FACT: the Charmed reboot did us all dirty

Please give me your modern day witches, shapeshifters, succubi, heck I’ll even take a werechicken. Just let your paranormals be authentically themselves—the good, the bad, the ugly, the hilarious side effects, and the day-to-day frustrations.

Sparkling vamps need not apply.

Comps: Joyee Flynn, MaryJanice Davidson, Stormy Glenn

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