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articles dear to my heart

I think I might have an eating disorder..

here is a blog written by Maris Degener sharing different types of eating disorders and resources for healing.

she has a film on Netflix, I Am Maris, that when I watched I felt like I had been truly seen for the first time; for something I hadn't ever openly shared with anyone.

from then on I have ventured on healing my relationship with my body, being open and honest about the symptoms and tendencies have, and sharing pieces of this journey.

this article is a great first step beginning support on the road to healing and living with an eating disorder.


food crisis for the Indigenous

last fall for the entire month of November, I dedicated my energy to sharing information and resources to support the Indigenous tribes and people; the true people of this land.

I would come across article after article that each seemingly broke my heart in new ways..

and it is very clear to me that it is our duty to do better and to do more for our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

They have been abused and mistreated for centuries now. and face poverty, starvation, trafficking, unjust land laws and so much more..

here is an article on food scarcity by NAHA, an organization that is dedicated to feeding Natives all across the country; especially focusing on the poorest tribes within the Nation.

please read, and if you are interested in more articles and organizations and want my help then feel free to message me!

how many toxins are in your makeup?

did you know that there are over 1,400 toxic chemical ingredients that Europe and the UK have banned from being used in make up products?

the United States has only banned 30 toxic chemical ingredients..

also, US government does not currently require safety testing of chemicals used in makeup.

when you are reading a label and you see the ingredient 'fragrance' listed, the word fragrance is allowed to be used to acknowledge a compound including up to 3,000 different chemicals!

here is an article from EWG discussing some of the banned chemicals and which chemicals to keep an eye out for.

EWG also provides a free service where they gather information and scientific studies on chemical compounds and then put them on a scale to show how harmful and harmless a chemical is. they also provide the studies and data they sourced!