Hey, I’m Bri!

Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer & Hair Extension Retailer

I’m a real life daredevil

Life isn’t fun without taking chances. I quit my job on a whim just to revel in the pressure of being a business owner

Things I like

Some things look better with glitter

Besides designing, I do have a personal life... Get to know me a bit. Maybe we have things in common!

My kids

I have a son and daughter and they really are the driving force behind my goal setting. If you landed a consult with me, you probably heard the mumbling of my infant daughter, lol.

Horror movies

I don’t really get to enjoy tv these days but when I do, I’m almost always watching a horror movie. I’m a serial repeat watcher too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched to original Halloween (1978) and still smile and get excited when it comes on.


Not much to be said here... even during my most introverted phases I’ll leave the house for a taco without hesitation.

So... yeah

Let’s work together

I’m passionate about my life and business and I’m certain you are the same. In this business, personality is just as important as the work I hand off and it’s good to get to know the woman behind the company, right? Shoot me a message and schedule a consult!