Hey! We are two sisters based in Solihull offering beauty treatments🤍

Soph takes care of your nails (hands and toes!) and Tash will take care of your lashes, so when you leave, you are glam!

Treatment Options

Our Products

We use products from Lashbase for eyelash extentions, an award-winning lash brand, which promises to over the highest quality. The lashes are tapered to create a lighter and softer lash, a true black colour, and leave you with long lasting curls.

For nails, we are proud to work with the #1 salon brand worldwide, OPI has built a heritage rooted in the creation of high-quality shades, unforgettable names, and iconically shaped bottles.

We are very lucky to be an exclusive ambassador for OPI and continue to work with them on a regular basis so you can be assured only the very best!

Gel Manicure

With the standard OPI Gel Manicure this includes applying the OPI Gel Colour of your choice as well as trimming, shaping, filing, and buffing your nails, addressing your cuticles, which could include trimming and a cuticle oil treatment, and moisturiser.

The Luxury OPI Gel Manicure includes all of the above with the addition of the OPI Pro Spa treatments, which are formulated with cupuacu superfruit containing 9 essential fatty acids providing unparalleled moisture and anti-ageing effects. Indulge in luxury with a hand mask, massage and much more.

Additional charges for nail art, and builder gel

Please contact for further details.

Gel Pedicure

Hybrid Extentions

Lash Extentions


To secure an appointment, we require a non-refundable booking fee. This fee will be discounted off the cost of your treatment. Payment is made when you initially book, either by PayPal or bank transfer (if over the phone/online) or also in cash in person if you prefer.

We require at least 24/48 hours notice for any clients that need to cancel. If you cannot provide this notice it will result in the loss of your booking fee. This policy is set as we would not be able to refill the cancelled slot in under 24/48 hours.

Early/Late Policy

Please arrive at the time of your appointment.
As we have an at-home studio, I unfortunately do not have a waiting room if you are early for your appointment.
If you are running late, please send me a message letting me know how late you will be. 
Please note that as many appointments are booked back to back, your appointment may have to be rescheduled.
If I have not heard from you within 15 minutes of your appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled.

Refund Policy
If you have concerns with a service you received, please contact us within 48 hours.
No refunds are offered on eyelash extension services.
If you have an allergic reaction to a service we provided, a removal will be offered free of charge.

You must have at least 40% of your lash extensions remaining for a fill, otherwise you will be charged for a full set. 
Following proper aftercare instructions can help maintain good retention and extend the life of your lashes. 
If you suspect your fill appointment may need to be switched to a full set, please edit your appointment online or contact me to make sure we have enough time to fix you up! 

I recommend pre-booking your fills at least two weeks in advance. This will help to make sure you can find an appointment that works for you, that you can have your lashes perfect for all of your special events, and that you will not be stuck needing a fill but unable to find an appointment available!

If you are unable to find an appointment time that works or if I am away at the time your due for a fill, I am happy to recommend other lash artists that will take care of you in the mean time!

Eye Makeup at Appointments
It is imperative that you arrive to your appointment with no residue of eye makeup on your eyes (no, bottom mascara or eyeliner is NOT okay!). Avoid wearing waterproof makeup for 3 days before your appointment (seriously, this stuff if the worst!).

I always clean your lids and lashes to remove any excess oils, but if I have to spend time removing makeup it takes away from lashing time and your extensions will not last as long.
If you arrive with eye makeup, you will be asked to remove it in my washroom before we get started.