The Savvy Graphy

Social Media Manager

Hi! I'm Ellyn, and i'm gonna be your Social Media Manager. What i do? 👇

🌿 Make content for your social media
🌿 Copywritings and hashtag research
🌿 Minimalist graphic design and a little bit touch of editing filter (if needed)
🌿 Build engagement and brand awareness
🌿 Color Branding story
🌿 Analyzing and making report your social media
🌿 Schedule and monitoring socmed post
🌿 Feed planning to build your brand image

Add ons
• Editing short video for IGTV, Story, Tiktok, etc. $10/3 videos (max. 20 minutes each)
• Editing audio for Podcast $15/1 hour audio
• Customize Media Kit according to your own brand color palette $5/package
• Add more socmed account $50/acc.

Active Socmed account i handle @bohofluentstore
Past socmed account i handled @kudunyambel @thesavvygraphy

How it Works

Steps to do magic for your social media

✨ The Beginning
In this phase, i will analyze your social media also your brand goals. And if you choose the intense package, i will setup the social media you have been choose.

✨ The Middle
I will do research and analyzing to make marketing strategy, what type of copywriting style based on your brand, color branding, feed plan, target cust. Etc.

✨ The Process
After i get all the data i need, time to close the door, put my headset on, open my favourite spotify playlist, start thinking what would be the best way to work it out.

✨ The Show Time!
Finally launch the magic formula that i've been made with Dr.Strange, and enjoy the process to the top of mountain.