Affordable and amazing scrunchies and jewellery to match all fits!

Created by a 13 year old, The Scrunchie Store is known for scrunchies and dainty - affordable jewellery to match all your outfits



A perfect accessory for hands or hair

5 Reasons to make the switch to scrunchies:
•Prevents hair breakage
•doesn’t leave kinks
•no headaches
•perfect accessory
•Dress up an outfit

Blush Scrunchie

₹80 each

Pearl scrunchie

₹80 each

Sage scrunchie

₹80 each

Cloud scrunchie


Blossom collection

Butterfly bliss

A range of dainty and beautiful butterfly earrings, necklaces and more

Butterfly necklaces

Available in 7 colours
₹260 each

External link

Butterfly necklace with Pearl customisation

Customisation can be done in all colours
₹20 extra

External link

Butterfly hoops

Available in 8 colours

External link

Butterfly hoops with Pearl customisation

Available in 6 colours
₹20 extra

Butterfly hooks

Available in 6 colours


Thank you for all the feedback, we really appreciate it !

Bliss Collection

A collection perfect for Pearl lovers

Dynamite Pearl Hoops

Cute and trendy Pearl hoops for any occasion!

Elegance pearl hoops

Pearl hoops that match anything and everything!

Fairy Pearl hoops

Dainty Pearl hoops to dress up any fit♡︎

How to purchase? You can dm me the picture of the item on Instagram to purchase

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Payment methods
•bank transfer
•google pay

Thank you!

Thank you ! I am so grateful for the love and support from each one of you! All products are handcrafted with love and care. I hope you like what you see from our page to our products!

I would love to see you wear your purchase so do take a picture and tag me
@thescrunchie.store on Instagram or use my hashtag #scrunchiebyzaahra

Boujee collection

A collection full of luxury, affordable scrunchies

The baddie combo

The darling combo

Rosie scrunchie

Iris scrunchie

Couture scrunchie

Noir scrunchie