The Second Slice

Hot Pizza Reviews

I’ve been eating pizza my whole life and I think it’s really good. Amazing, in fact. Pizza is a gift from the heavens and even bad pizza is still pretty good! I’ve been reviewing pizza joints all across the South Jersey/Philadelphia area for years and it’s time to share my findings with the world.

My pizza reviews follow a simple and scientific process. I drive around until I find a pizza place I haven’t been to before. Then I order 2 plain slices and a Coke. Many pizza places call this their lunch special or their daily deal. Others like to pretend this isn’t a thing. I’m a true believer that a great slice is a product of the perfect ratio of crust::cheese::sauce. If any component is too scant or too plentiful, the slice may be compromised.

The Second Slice got its name from the second slice of pizza that I eat during my review, where I stop trying to pick apart the components and just enjoy the slice as it was meant to be. Sometimes the second slice makes all the difference.

If there’s someplace you think I should review, leave a comment. If your pizza has received a scathing review, make a better slice, you should be ashamed of yourself.