about <3

about me and why i want to do what i do !

about me.
hi friends, my name is maddie, i am a teen from the uk who loves everything fashion. i made theselfloveclub for not just fashion and outfits but also issues and debates, self care and self love, and many more.

my views.
as a teen and gen z born in this time period i think that it is extremely important to educate yourself on certain subjects. one thing i am going to state is that i will not except any form of discrimination against people. i am i proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and i also believe that Asian Lives Matter. i believe that LGBTQ+ people should have the same rights as anyone else and that they should love who they want to love.

ways to support me.
it would mean the world if you followed my Pinterest, VSCO and TikTok and dropped a follow and like my recent. on my TikTok if i show some of my own clothing i always make a post here (on my website) with the links of the items as i think gatekeeping clothing is a bit stupid.

tysm for reading this about me page and i hope you can follow me on my fashion journey <3