Hey there! Welcome. Here is a little bit about me. —

Mentor, Guide, Energy Alchemist, Business Strategist

These are some of the ways folks identify me with. The others are Teacher, Yogi, Soul worker, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister & Friend to name a few. I am all of these and yet I know myself not as these individual facets, but as an integrated ME.

As a SOL Success Mentor, i help women in business create SOL Success so they can be truly Abundant.

I do this by merging the subtle with the practical. We start with your soul energy - your foundational energetic blueprint and end with practical strategies for you to work with so you can anchor and sustain this wholistic success.

I have arrived at this place in my e and career through an interesting and full journey.

Academic background:- I am a Physics, Mathematics graduate, with an MBA from University of Delaware and a Ph.D in Business from University of Maryland.

Professional Background:- I started as a Marketing Manager, followed by Management Consulting, University Professor, Published Researcher and Small Business Coach.

Additionally, I have been a systemic cultivator and practitioner of Energy Alchemy for over two and a half decades. This has been instrumental in grounding my cultivation experience that started when I was five years old.