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These babes are the bees knees and consistently selected for purchase. Not only are they beautiful to look at but the highest of quality too.


Behind The Brand

Have a love for high end but your budget doesn’t align with your lux taste? Even if you are able to afford a luxury brand, why bother to spend thousands when you can get it for less?

Our goal is to offer luxury at a fraction of the cost.

How To Order

Follow The Steps

Step 1: FAQs 🤔

Read our FAQs so you are familiar with the process of how to obtain pricing, how to order, payment and shipping information.

Step 2: Product Guide 🛍

Check out the products we offer using the product guide links bearing in mind we cannot get and do not offer every item you see. Our shop focuses on products for women & men only.

Step 3: Pricing 💰

Once you find items you are interested in, screenshot the item(s) and DM us on Instagram. We will quote you the price of each item.

Step 4: Payment 💵 

When you are ready to order, send your name, full address, cell phone number and email address so we can provide you info on how to pay in your DMs.

Step 5: Order Confirmation 🤗

You are required to send a screenshot of your payment confirmation to us via DM on Instagram. We will not order your items until the screenshot is received.

Step 6: Tracking ✈️ 

Approximately 5 days before your order arrives and in the hands of the shipping carrier, you will receive a text message to your mobile device with your tracking number. Our shop does not provide you with tracking info. See shipping status explanation below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?

Our shop is open Monday through Friday from 10AM to 7PM. We do not answer messages or take orders on the weekend so we can enjoy time with our family. We ask you to please respect our time. You may send messages during this time but please know we will only respond during business hours.

Why can't you get every product on your web page?

We do not own or run the website nor does our vendor.  It is shared by dozens of vendors and each vendor does not work with every factory that produces the items.  Additionally, although some products we can get if we want to (like outdoor gear), we simply choose to focus only on products for men and women. Please check out the products we offer using the product guide links on our link in the bio bearing in mind we cannot get and do not offer every item you see. 

I sent several DMs but have not heard back yet. Why is that?

We answer messages in order of when they were received so if you message multiple times it will take longer to receive a response. For example, if you message on Thursday at 1PM and then again on Friday at 8AM, you just bumped yourself "out of line" and have moved back to the top of the list of newest messages. This means it will take longer for us to message you. If you message again, same thing, you move back to the top. The best thing to do is to send your message, wait for a response and then if you have more questions after we respond, message again. Multiple messages is not helpful to you.

I messaged Monday morning but did not hear back until the next day. Why is that?

Monday's are our heaviest volume days with DMs since we are closed on the weekend. If there are numerous messages, it may take us until the next day to get through all of them. Addtionally, running this store is not our full time job (not officially anyway). We both have day jobs we work at Monday through Friday so we do our best to answer messages when aren't working our day jobs. Please be understanding and patient. We will get to you.

How do I pay?

Once you have decided what you want to order, we will request your name, address, cell phone number and email address. We will then send you a DM with the total amount due and our Venmo account name to your DMs. Once you receive this information, please pay within 24 hours.

What forms of payment do you take?

We currently only accept payment via Venmo. Once you pay, screenshot your confirmation and send to us via DM.

What is the "Pay for your order" link for?

This is a back up payment option for those times when our payment system is down because it is under-going maintenance. 

Is there a discount if I order multiple items?

Every day is a discount day therefore no discounts are available at this time and prices are NOT negotiable.

Do you give discounts if I refer friends to your page?

We do not offer any other discounts but are so thankful you want to share our shop with your friends.

Do you do collabs with influencers?

We do not. Collabs have never really benefited us so we do not offer them.

What sizes do rings come in?

Sizes 5-9

What sizes do belts come in?

Women EU80-110, Men EU80-110

Do shoes come in 1/2 sizes?

Only men's shoes do. Women do not therefore we size up to the next size in EU.

How do I order the correct size shoe?

Our shop orders in EU sizing. If you are uncertain what size you wear, send your US size and we will convert it for you.

What if I receive the wrong item?

You can exchange it for the exact same item you purchased. We will then attempt to rehome the item you recieved. If it does not sell, we will send you a shipping label to return the item to us.

My item arrived damaged, how do I get it replaced?

You must notify our shop within 48 hours of receiving the item. You must also send photos of the damage so we can share with our vendor.

What's your return policy?

Our vendor does not accept returns or offer refunds therefore if you are unhappy with an item that you received (which is very rare) we can attempt to rehome the item for you and offer you a store credit.

If our team provides you with a quote for an item, you pay but then the item is out of stock when my vendor requests it from the factory, that is the only time we offer a refund.

It is very rare that a customer has received an item that slipped through quality control but is not superb quality. If that does happen, because my vendor does not offer a product guarantee, you must return the item to our shop and we will re-order it for you but keep in mind, we have to pay for the item again. It is not an even exchange and she offers no refund for the damaged or sub-par item.