Hey, Chavvies!

Get to know me more ✨

For all of you that is new and not new but doesn't know me, My name is Cha short for Charmine, the biz babe behind Thesocialchavvy!

I officially became a Social Media Manager in September 2019. I started to build this page last week to widen my market and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

The genuine support of our community made me love my job more. Everyone is learning from each other. Being a part of this community is the best decision I've ever made this year.
All right! Before I get too emotional, I'm going to drop some fun facts about me, so we can get to know each other more.

✨I don't eat beef, but I love corned beef.
✨I only eat CHOCOLATE flavored ice cream.
✨I'm 4'10 short, lol!
✨I love talking about life, confidence, and mindset.
✨I'm goofy - medic get me!
✨I left my 9-5 because of my hunger for time freedom.
✨I love Cars - I'm blaming fast and furious for it.
✨Black is the new white.
✨I'm an only child.
✨I love to play around with my niece, Nathan, and Moana.
✨I'm 23-1 but will be turning 22+1 on December 27.

There you go! That's Cha in a nutshell!
📥 [email protected] - feel free to drop me a message if you have questions about the services I offer. Happy to connect with you guys - xoxo