My Space to Share

My extending insights

I'm 23 years of age. Yet my bones have felt a lifetime of pain and sadness.... my heart soared with a depth of grace and perseverance... But my mind knows my human condition and the moral compass that binds my morality.
I am 23 years of age.
There is a space I have made... In time... In memory... In the fabric of the human consciousness that surrounds me...
This. This is the space I have made for you. For us.
For my wisdom and namesake. For my legacy and freedom.
For the future of mankind that finds solace in me.

Source yourself an empowering, mindful and realistic podcast

You need to be able to want to absorb one episode a night before bed

Clean sheets and a neat home every 3 days

Not a green thumb? Hydro plants from a 5 yo!

Always have the economist's view

Finances are an extension of living. Not an extension of you or you an extension of it.
Let it reverberate and ripple into channels and connections that open up your life.

Accumulate and nuture real, empassioned, honest women and men

You've overlooked Pinterest

Business Developing for School Students
DIY Natural Beauty
Fitness Inspo (balance, nutrition, fit pregnancies to cancer rehabilitation blueprints)
Living Guides (how to budget, how to move, parent activities, study tools and breaking societal constructs)
Musical teachings (for me, it's piano)

You need to f##k off for 1 month to a 3rd world country

Knock some privlege out of yourself, gain connections, rebuild or ignite the lust for authentic people, culture and living

Stress response is spending? Tips for acknowledging and working with it

Have one male friend that's a safe space and a sassy zone

Emotionally available
No sexual undertones
Raw, mutual respect, safety and support

Always have a candle

A candle for your bedside table is a must.. Use my code on the link and have a look at the eco candles provided by Bloom Luxe

The kickstart of minimal living

#1 Don't go into shops, delete your shopping apps.
#2 Wardrobe cleanout.
#3 Throwing out bathroom, household, bedroom items you haven't used/worn/touched in at least 6 months. It goes!
#4 When you do buy, buy 2nd hand or eco/sustainable.

Body neutrality

Practice standing at a mirror for 5 minutes and speaking neutral responses to yourself when you feel you really hate yourself. That's when it counts.

"I do have hips" instead of "I have no hips, I'm not a real woman"

"I do have a well rounded ass" instead of "I've got a fat ass"

"I do have breasts" instead of "I've got no boobs"

I do is key.

We're all reborn at least once

Childhood cancer survivor... Both a pelvic reconstruction and internal hemipelvectomy ingenuity in Australia... Nice titles but each a chapter in the evolution of a soul, a mind, a heart of a woman trying to make a space in this existence for herself...