Meet the Stahlabills Fam

Hi guys!

If you’ve found this page you probably have a love/passion for fitness just like us! Now, our story probably looks a little different than most peoples out there but, that’s the beauty of it!

Kyle is a ex college baseball player who is just training to maintain body weight. He doesn’t want to lose weight and he doesn’t want to gain weight. He doesn’t exactly enjoy cardio but he gets it done. However, he does enjoy lifting weights. He likes to eat, but not exactly healthy foods. But that’s okay, that’s where I come in 😁

My name is Alicia and I absolutely love fitness and nutrition. Crazy, I know! There is something about a good workout and a healthy meal that is so satisfying to me. I had my son 1/20/2020 and I weigh less than before I had my sweet boy. Also crazy, I know! I am extremely dedicated and committed to bettering myself everyday.

As a couple we are here to help YOU make healthy choices, and be a friend along the way. Creating healthy habits is hard.. but with the right people by your side it can make it easier! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us we’d love to help you get started 😊

Booty day🍑

Super-Set 2 rounds:
Sumo squats x14
Sumo pulsing squats x14

3 Rounds:
Jumping lunges 10 each side (20 total)
Glute bridge x14
Bulgarian split squat x12 each side
Jump squats x10

Super Set 2 rounds:
Straight leg dead’s (any weight) x12
Pause squats (pause for 5 seconds at the bottom) x14

Upper body 💪🏼

Super set 2 Rounds:
dumbbell chest press x12
Dumbbell triceps extension x12

3 Rounds:
Tricep pushups x10
Bicep curls x12
Dumbbell chest fly x10
Dumbbell lateral raise x12

Remember ALWAYS keep good form! When your form starts get sloppy lower the weight.

Cardio HIIT 🥵

5 rounds of 30 seconds on 10 seconds off:
High knees
Jump squats
Mountain climbers
Leg raises

Remember high intensity training is suppose to be hard! Push yourself for the entire 30seconds!

External link

Ab circuit

3 rounds of 30 seconds rest 10 seconds between a round:

Low plank
Toe touches (legs straight in the air, your body should make a perfect 90degree angle then reach for toes)

3 rounds of 30 seconds rest 10 seconds between a round:

Alternating bicycle crunches
Flutter kicks

Burn out 2 rounds 30 seconds each round:

Russian twist
Reverse crunch

Healthy food ideas

I know most people struggle with nutrition. We are tempted everyday with processed unhealthy foods because they are literally everywhere! So here’s a list of things we keep in our home at basically all times to keep us from making unhealthy decisions!

Lara bars any flavor helps fight the sugary temptations plus they are healthy🙃

Plain nonfat Greek yogurt easy way to get protein and when you add some fruit it makes for a nice treat.

Halo top also any flavor, we keep this because I LOVE ice cream and it’s moderately healthy and packed with protein!

Strawberries/blueberries/bananas/apples/raspberries we generally have all these fruits on hand at home. Fruit helps fight off sugar cravings while still being healthy!

Pre-popped popcorn

Non-fat cottage cheese also easy protein source and is so good with some fruit mixed in.

Dried mangos- easy source for carbs if your low for the day.

Natural peanut butter because there isn’t one person out there that doesn’t like to eat PB by the scoop 🤷🏼‍♀️

Any and every veggie- you name it we probably got it.

Last we keep buffalo sauce and hot sauce stocked because when we eat chicken and rice I’d rather have that flavor! And there is very little carbs in buffalo sauce 😋

If y’all have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out!