Luxury Travel Advisor

Hola! Thank you for taking a closer look at my profile. I create vacations that work best for you by pairing my experiences with your dreams. I was born in Mexico City and moved to Texas when I was four years old. My upbringing spurred an appreciation for different cultures and delicious foods from around the globe. I have been turning ordinary vacations into boutique travel experiences for my family and friends for years, even during my previous career as a banker for high net worth clients. I have toured the chalk caves in Rheims, France where champagne is aged to perfection, enjoyed a sunset overlooking the Gran Villa at a rooftop bar in Madrid, delighted in each of the mineral baths in Budapest and rung in the new year during the fireworks show in Rio. These experiences have shaped my perspective and enrich my view of the world to help you envision, plan and travel to the destinations of your dreams.

You might be thinking “Wait, then what is Departure Lounge?” Departure Lounge is the host agency for my business, The Stargaze Travel. Departure Lounge and Virtuoso provide me with the network of hotels and experiences to make your travel dreams come true. Pairing my experiences with your desires, I will work with you to create a vacation that works best for you. Whether you’re looking to experience the finest food and wine (or beer) a city has to offer, an adventuresome trip packed with thrills, a relaxing beach vacation or a cultural visit to historic sites, I will partner with you to ensure my creativity and planning amplifies your wishes. Regardless of whether this is a solo trip, a family vacation or a special getaway with friends, I can help.

For those of you who have long-term traveling goals, I proudly serve as one of the first certified Virtuoso Wanderlist travel advisors. Wanderlist helps organize your travel bucket list into a delightful and thoughtful long-term plan, including the desires of your fellow travelers.

Please contact me today and let’s begin building your next travel experience together.