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Ascension Guide • Reiki Master • Quantum Healing

Hi everyone! I'm Chelsea. Throughout my life, I have had many ups and downs. I have dealt with trauma, pain, alcoholism, and deeply rooted systems from childhood. My life changed once I found Reiki. it was through my journey with Reiki that I started to peel back the layers of who I am. I tell you this because i believe to truly help others, you must do the work yourself first. As I grew into a Reiki II Practitioner, I discovered I was a Medium, this led me to begin channeling spirit, ancestors, and other peoples' higher selves to facilitate knowledge and aid in helping with the grief process. After sitting with mother Aya (ayahuasca), these gifts expanded further. I was activated in kundalini as well as remote viewing, light language, & telepathy. Now, a reiki master, I utilize my gifts to facilitate what I call, Quantum Ascension Healing. This healing infuses Reiki Energy with Light Language to break us and the earth out of the 3D and into the 5D. Light Language allows us to skip the conscious mind and go straight into the subconscious, into that deep shadow work. I am a shadow worker, meaning I help facilitate healings for people that allow them to go deep into their shadow, bringing them to light so that we may heal and grow from it. Transmuting any darkness into loving light energy. As an ascension guide, I created a course to help you break out of that 3D box of shadows and into the 5D rainbow of light. I'm here for you every step of the way, helping you to Ascend into y

our power. Into the rightful place you belong. Together, we can break through the anxieties, fear, and progressions put on us and move into the higher earth consciousness.
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Holistic Healing Facials

Intuitively healing your skin The Holistic Esthi is more than just esthetics. Our owner Chelsea is a medium, reiki healer and licensed esthetician. She is the creator of the Intuitive Facial, combining reiki healing, sound bowl therapy & readings within facial treatments. You will experience a total self care day, healing the skin while connecting to your higher self at the same time. Chelsea evaluates your skin, creates a plan for you through treatments and home products. This unique service can include plant based chemical peels, dermaplaning, cryo-therapy and gua sha massage. If intuitive practice is not for you, no worries we offer basic facial services, that truly focus on skin. Chelsea utilizes DMK products in all treatments. DMK works by healing internally.