Encaustic Art

en·caus·tic /inˈkôstik,enˈkôstik/ adjective 1. (especially in painting and ceramics) using pigments mixed with hot wax that are burned in as an inlay.

Available unless otherwise listed ~ Venmo preferred and PayPal accepted. Leave a message on ig or to [email protected] if interested, Shipping additional.

Orual @ Ride or Die | Miller Theatre


The Golden Record #3


Perelandra @ Westobou Gallery


Continuum @ Artzilla Show | 600 Gallery


Golden Record Show @ Field Botanicals


Jove’s Measure @ Shakespeare | Book Tavern


Bull Mountain | Book Tavern


Dream Within a Dream @ Poe | Book Tavern




Make this...

Doing For One’s Self

Links to recipes, homemade things, and more

DIY Solid Cologne or Perfume

This easy-to-make, very quick recipe for solid cologne. Fun to make your own signature scent from essential oils and to use recycled mint tins for containers.

Homemade Laundry Tabs

So, this is my favorite laundry recipe I’ve made, they work, they hold together, they were very easy to make, and smell lovely.

Bentonite Clay Deodorant

Natural, affordable deodorant that really works, believe me, I’ve got that hormone funk part of the month and this helps me greatly. I used Lavender Oil instead of Tea Tree because that is what I had and since both are anti-bacterial either would work. Enjoy!

Chocolate Oat Milk

Used this recipe and multiplied it for a gallon but added more water and sweetener because the cocoa was so strong, ended up with almost two gallons. Try one small batch specific to the recipe to get the taste you want and then multiply that revision for later use. Will update when I revise my recipe.

Leftover Oatmeal Muffins

I used this recipe to make leftover oatmeal muffins from chocolate oat milk pulp but can be used with any oatmeal. It won’t be really Chocolatey so use chocolate chips instead of raisins if you want it to be, I left out the mix-ins bc the kids didn’t want any and made a cinnamon sugar crust by adding cinnamon sugar (instead of oatmeal) to the wet pan before putting in the oven.


Ellie Eugenia Benson

I’m Ellie Benson, An Encaustic Artist, Mother, Wife, and Friend. I live in Augusta, Ga in a 1,000 sq ft, old centennial home with my Illustrator/ Designer husband, @kennethjamesbenson and my four children, two cats, and dog. I am half Latinx/Salvadoran and was born in Panama on the canal military base in the middle of summer. I have lived in many places and I now live in the south and am learning to embrace it all.

The Steady Still is an all encompassing feed where I can share my wide interests and have honest conversations about good things.

If you’d like to collaborate or if you Social Media Consulting email me at [email protected]

The Steady Still

Ellie‘s Faves Dispatch #1

Take a look at some of the lovely things I’m loving this week of 08.10.19

# 1. Helen Milan Home BKR Water Bottle

I have been looking for a sustainable water bottle solution for home and the gym. This is will be my next purchase for myself. I don’t think there is a more beautiful water bottle I’ve seen.

Helen Milan Home

#2. Sotela Sol Collection

This is my favorite dress, comfortable and beautiful. I wear it almost everyday. I have a minimal wardrobe so save up for key pieces I can wear for years. Sotela is Latina owned and has inclusive sizing which is so important, and you can’t really beat the personal touch of knowing your dressmaker. I am eyeing some more pieces and thankfully they take Afterpay so you can break up payments into four, That’s what I did with this lovely dress. I do promise to take an image in my dress but look at the Sotela feed for beautiful models that look even better in it and check out all their clothing.

Sotela Co.

# 3. CandyLab Toys Wooden Racers

Our boy’s favorite toys, wooden racers. This one has been well-loved already. We love all the CandyLab cars and have more on the way for gifts.

CandyLab Toys

# 4. Sundays Toxic-Free Polish

The only nail polish that doesn’t make my husband gag (he hates the smell of nail polish) and lasts me through hand washing several loads of dishes without even a topcoat. I’m not a hand model obviously but you can see them on me here, also, not the best nail painter but they still look great! Non-Toxic so good on everyone!


# 5. The Ladies of Grace Adieu

One of my favorite books is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, The genre feels like Jane Austen’s world meets magic, yes to that. So, I was thankful to start this book of short stories by Susanna Clarke lent to me by a dear friend @krisarussell. If in Augusta order it from the best local bookstore, the Book Tavern.

The Book Tavern

As always you can find me at Instagram.com/thesteadystill and Instagram.com/ellieeugenia


The Steady Still

Dispatch # 2

Coming soon.