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🌻 Are you overwhelmed and perhaps feeling conflicted by all the parenting information out there?
Do you feel disconnected? Not just from others but from yourself as a woman? Do you find yourself stressed, anxious, tired...of everything...and then guilty of these feelings when you just want to be the best Mum you can possibly be? Helloooooo πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

🌻 If you are seeking validation, self-belief and relatability you are in the right place Mumma!

🌻 Hi all! I'm Phil - an English Mum of two young and 'spirited' girls living in Perth.
Like many Mums and expectant Mums, I've trawled the internet, listened to countless podcasts, read articles, hunted for those truly low-tox products, and spent many a chaotic hour in the kitchen - all to try and better myself as a Mum.

🌻 As parents we all wish to be the best role models possible for our kids. We want what's best for them and to provide a safe, happy environment for them to thrive.
But what about us?
Whilst concentrating on the rest of the family we very often prioritise ourselves last and can in fact display stress and anxiety to our kids, losing sight of what makes us, US!

🌻 I have created The Sunflower Stop for this very reason - To create balance and flexibility; to help reduce anxiety & achieve more quality time with our families; to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and EMPOWER ourselves.

🌻 The Sunflower Stop is a hub utilising the Facebook platform, to connect Mums and Mums-to-be wherever they are on their journey, with tried and tested resources, guiding them along their journey to becoming a more evolved and conscious parent.

🌻 Sound interesting? I'd love to have you along for the ride! Come have a squiz - we offer a 14 day no-obligation free trial, but I'll warn you - once you're involved in this supportive community cocoon you won't want to leave ☺️

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What You Get

🌻 Monthly power masterclasses covering an array of topics such as speech pathology, secondary infertility and safe return to exercise - all recorded and stored in the group for your own playback.

🌻 Realistic and relatable continuous content - from nutritious recipes to workouts.

🌻 Reviews & recommendations of facilities and services - both local and online - including health and beauty products, playgrounds, podcasts, articles and books.

🌻 An inclusive & safe space to voice your fears, accept your flaws and stop judging yourself so you can feel empowered and confident in your influential role as a Mum.

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🌻 Where to find me:

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