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Enjoying the Sweetness of Life one Adventure at a Time.

Hi! Welcome!! My name is Angelica and I live in Southern California. I have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful boys, Ethan and Logan. My family is everything to me, I love my boys and my husband with all my heart. My family and I have a love for adventure. One of the things that we enjoy the most is spending time at Disneyland (more like "I" enjoy spending time at Disneyland) which I feel stems from never visiting the parks as a little girl. When I first stepped into the park as a mother, everything completely changed for me, I began to have a different appreciation for motherhood, life, the parks and everything in general (Disneyland will do that to you). Our family has a love for travel as well, I think if I were to always travel to a Disney destination, my life would be complete. I love traveling with my kids but I also understand the importance of spending quality time alone with my husband, so we also try to go on small get-aways every chance we get.

A year ago, I decided to convert my private instagram account into a personal blog because I wanted a place where I would be able to express myself, share some positivity and connect with others. My main goal was to share our family experiences with tips, tricks and so much more and to also connect and meet other mothers with similar interest. In doing so I have grown so much as a person and I have met some wonderful friends along the way. I also started an actual blog where I started writing and sharing all about our outings. A very positive, upbeat and fun blog similar to my Instagram account.

In addition, I understand the importance of being genuine and raw, so I am trying to be more open about all of my experiences including the not so fun and adventurous ones. I'm a strong believer in, "you get what you give" and, so with this in mind, my hope is to help uplift others and help others realize that there can be sweetness in life by encouraging more positivity and being inclusive. Maybe it's the Disney mom in me speaking but I truly believe in kindness, sweetness, and magical things.

Follow me on my journey to sharing all of our family experiences, including our fun Disney trips, travel, fun outings and simply navigating motherhood. I also want to open up more about having a kiddo on the spectrum and how it has impacted our lives in a positive and not so positive way. I hope to learn through this process and I hope to contribute something positive for others as well. Thanks for reading, and following me along the way.

The sweeter Taste of Life Blog