Welcome Honey!

My name is Jarrel, I’m 24, and I am the Tarot Honey. I have been interested in the occult ever since I was little. I discovered at a young age that I have the gift of clairvoyance. I started tarot around February of last year, when the pandemic first started. In real life I’m a certified pharmacy technician and student. I’ve realized that helping people is my soul purpose and I enjoy making lasting connections with my clients. I’m also a Virgo sun Aries moon Sag rising and life path 7. I never sugar coat readings and they are always thorough, think essay length. I hope you enjoy this fresh start and book a service with me ✨

***For entertainment purposes only! I read based off the current energy, so things are subject to change

My Services

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Card for Card

Price varies

*This is for the people who want to pick exactly how many cards they want. Tarot cards only.

Mini General Reading


*1 question that includes Oracle and tarot cards (5 card minimum). If you need help or don’t know exactly what to ask please email or DM me!

Extended General Reading


*You may ask 2-3 questions. This includes moon readings, message from spirit, or any general questions you have. This is NOT for love readings

Chakra Balance


*If you feel like your chakras are imbalanced this is the reading for you. In this reading, we will figure out how to open any chakras that need work.

*This will include my swatches of chakra deck and tarot cards

Understanding Your Shadow Self


*This reading will help you develop a better understanding of your shadow side. I will help you become more self-aware and embrace it. Includes advice, tarot, and oracle cards (5 card minimum)



*You may ask 2-3 questions about your connection or if you’re single, I can tell you what’s coming in your love life (possible placements, what you seek, what they will be like, etc) for $10.